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Smart move, Tasting Panel, on The SOMM Journal

I’ve not only enjoyed reading The Tasting Panel Magazine for all of these years, but to also have written a few stories for them, has been both a treat and an honor. I’ve watched Anthony Dias Blue come in as editor, something that Meridith May was doing by herself, ever so long ago it now seems.

So, their latest development of saving The SOMM Journal from going extinct is a real public service for many wine companies. The lifeblood of many wine companies is having their wines reviewed by a prominent palate.

If you are a wine company and you don’t subscribe to wine consumer magazines, consider it.

The same reviews that keep you alive, also keep the wine magazines alive – through subscriptions and advertising. If you can’t afford to advertise, what’s the cost of a subscription, as compared to the money you receive back in sales?

This is something I’ve long not understood. The worst is when someone doesn’t have a subscription, but will call the magazine for a copy of what was written. Insult is added to injury, when this happens.

So, I just got an Email from my wine writing friend Randy Caparoso, inviting me to subscribe to The SOMM Journal… as a complementary subscription to trade people. When I signed up, I got a return email from Meridith, telling me no ID is necessary. (I didn’t know it was going directly to her.)

As a public service to those of you in the trade, here’s the following. (Meridith told me I could share.)

Friends and colleagues…

The first issue of the newly relaunched The SOMM Journal (June/July) comes out next month. Our mission, as before: to go beyond any other publication to further, and support, sommelier quality education.

Different from before, The SOMM Journal will be a bimonthly, and it will be free to the trade (paid subscriptions for consumers). It will also be available in print or digital format.

However, you do need to sign up to receive it. To get on the list, I ask that you send a request to subscriptions@sommjournal.com. In your request, please:

  • Identify your position in the trade, and
  • Request a print or digital subscription.

On-premise and off-premise wine buyers, as well as winery, supplier, distribution, education, public relations, and media affiliates are all considered “trade.”

To potential advertisers: the big news is that the first issue of The SOMM Journal will jump from about 2,000 to over 40,000 subscribers; reaching all the major buyers in every state of the union. Naturally, we expect significant growth, which we’ll be happy to report on per request. To inquire about advertising rates, please write directly to Publisher/Executive Editor (also President/COO) Meridith May. Your support will help us expand and improve.

So, there you have it… if you’re in the trade, you’ve got a front row seat.

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  1. Jo Diaz says:

    Thanks, Doug. Somewhere in my past, I associated that which was “free” as the version with the same “e” as in the word “free.”

    You’re correct.. And, as I’ve told others who help me out from time to time, it STILL takes a village to raise this child. (Gone are the days of handing something to an editor and having the luxury of that second pair of eyes and an extra brain. and, gone are the days for begin paid for a writing passion…)

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