I’ll be getting to GMO vines; but, before I do, I need to introduce some basic concepts…

I now wish I had come in as an entitled kid, instead of choosing the peace path. If I had come in with a silver spoon stuck in high places, I’d be able to take that money and turn it around into more earth saving preservation efforts. Would I still have the same sensibilities… Yes, my heart tells me I would have; especially since I came into this world through entitled parents, in their own right. While they squandered what they had, I’ve always been more civic minded; so, I could have found ways to try to protect and preserve the earth.

Some in positions of power don’t even realize that they are exploiting the earth in order to amass great wealth, to the detriment of humanity. Instead, at the end of their lives, they’ll create art museums on the way out, to justify their poor decisions for what has happened to human beings and the planet. Case in point… If you can’t get anyone to hang their work in your museum, take up painting images of world leaders from Google images, and hang them in your own museum… George W. Bush’s legacy.

From capitalism, to industrialism, to technologism, to… what can we call this period of the real estate collapse and bank bailouts? Barbarism?

This isn’t a blanket statement, I know, but there is a trend around the one percent that surely (along with history) supports this thinking of barbarism. I’m not negatively impacted by what has happened, because I decided not to buy another house, only to become enslaved by the real owners. For that I’m grateful. I do feel for others, however, which brings me to GMO, because it’s part and parcel of the barbarism.

Proponents will tell you that it’s to have more food for the planet. While that sounds interesting enough, it’s proving to be a false statement.

From farmer Brian Scott on GMOAnswers.com:

I’m a corn and soybean farmer from Indiana with experience raising biotech crops. I like to say that transgenic traits don’t directly increase yield. Not yet, anyway. There are currently no traits that have the effect of saying, “Okay, corn plant. Your potential was 200 bu/A, but now, with this gene, it will be 225 bu/A.” Biotech doesn’t work that way.

They’ll tell you that GMOs is nothing more than a dangerous mania, and the people in the grip of it are akin to those who refuse to vaccinate their children or who deny that human activity is changing the Earth’s climate.

The image and adjoining text on Mother Jones Website: Mammary tumors that developed in rats fed GMO corn and/or low levels of Roundup. Whether the feeding regimes can be said to have caused the tumors remains a matter of debate.

Yeah, right, nice try. It used to be what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas. It’s a digital world, people, and we’re now under a huge, worldwide, electronic high-powered microscope.

Why is there a growing resistance to GMO anything, including grape vines? Because people have – and will always have – a right to know what’s in the food they are eating. And, the jury is still out.

Our children and grandchildren (and we, too) are now being experimented upon. My children ask me, “Why is there so much cancer in humans?” I’d rather have our government researchers spend less money on cancer research CURES, and more money on the cause and effect of GMO crops FOR CAUSING THE DISEASES, for instance. The FDA has approved that which they don’t know yet, whether or not it isn’t good for us, while independent studies have lab rats growing tumors under GMO studies. Leave it to the French to conduct the studies on (poor) rats exposed to low doses of both genetically modified corn and the widely used herbicide Roundup had negative health effects. [Tumors]

We need more long term research… And, with other nations rejecting GMO crops, like Japan, France, Australia, Germany, New ZealandAustria, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Madeira, Switzeralnd, India, and Thailand, the world is beginning to take this one on, not only just enraged US citizens. It’s a global economy, and the US ag industry, which uses tons to biotechnology, may have to cool its jets on this one. It’s a world divided, for sure.

It has finally been exposed in the wine business

Let’s just say if it’s happening in France, you can almost bet that it’s quietly going on in the US, and – again – we’ll be told about it mañana.

French anti-GM protestors walk free after destroying vineyard

SUB TITLE on FRI: Fifty four activists who destroyed a field of genetically modified vines in eastern France in 2010 were acquitted by a court of appeal on Wednesday after the Judge declared that the state should never have allowed the plantation of such vines in an open area.


The judges ruled that ministerial authorisation to allow a government research body, INRA (National Institute for Agronomic Research), to test out the crops in an area which was surrounded by other vineyards was “illegal”.

The court pronounced that there was “a clear failure to appreciate the inherent risks” of such an experiment in an unconfined space and criticised the lack of a “real study” about the impact of the GM vines.

I’m loving my French roots more and more… Call us rude for feeling that Americans are crude… I believe we are crude.

Let’s review “crude”

adjective: crude; comparative adjective: cruder; superlative adjective: crudest

in a natural or raw state; not yet processed or refined.

Being proud that we’re the Wild West, no holds barred, shoot ’em up, bang ’em up, rah, rah, rah… It’s going to be our demise, unless some very important, intelligent people begin to act like adults, here.

We have a right to know if it’s GMO, then… We’ll vote with our pocketbooks. We still have freewill.

And, hey, Mr. Monsanto-grape-growing-investor-guy, who’s already told me once you’d never come back to my Website again, but then couldn’t help yourself the second time… Don’t bother to post how nuts I am, again… You’re equally nuts to be investing your oil money in this one. Go back to Texas, where you belong.

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