Are you right or left nostriled?

Smelling the wine as part of wine tasting
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Are you? Are you right or left nostriled?

Have you ever noticed that there are some of us who tilt our heads while “doing the nose” on a glass of wine? I know we might look really dorky; but, honestly, this is just elemental for the moment, so we can get the most from that glass. Every now and then it’s really nice to simply slow down and smell the roses ~ In this case, it might be a Rosé, a Viognier, or even a Cabernet.

Those of us who do this head-tilt-thing, we’ve deliberately cast off all ills of the world, throwing all caution to the wind, for just a little bit. It might even be recharging our batteries, so we can resume getting back to business… We have the intent of receiving the absolute most from the aromas of the wine. As funny as we may sometimes appear in the process, to those who have yet to try it, we’re like bees sucking life giving nectar out of a flower.

Since our noses are the primary key to getting the most from enjoying a glass of wine… long before we even think about it, or it ever hits our palates… we just want to breathe in all that sumptuous nectar delivered by the alchemist wine gods.

Have you ever tried it? If not, give it a whirl. (Bad pun, I know.)

Swirl your wine, first, really get it going.

Then, if you’re right handed, use your right, nose-head tilt.

If you’re left handed, use your left, nose-head tilt.

Now, breathe in deeply for as long as you can. See if the lemon, toasty, smokey almonds, or – with a red – black or blueberries are accentuated. Later, just try your entire nose, and reflect on the experience before… See if it works for you.

Maybe it has to do with a mind think of Pranayama, where we naturally extend and draw out each breath, to maximize the sense of smell… Maybe we love too much, but… the end results are glorious.

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