I just don’t get out much lately. I’ve got so many things to do that joining others… taking that precious time… has been eluding me for a while.

Jose and I just made the time, with our friend Sue Straight (Wine Wench) and her friend Mindy Joyce, to taste 17 imported organic wines. What a breath of fresh air it was, and how very, very insightful.

As we tasted through the wines, discussed them, told stories, and discussed what the wines were like… right down to which actor best represented the wines (that was my doing, once one hit me as a character… like a great character actor). I do have to say, there was not one Jack Nicholson in the house.

The greatest gift we can give to this evening, I believe that we’d go on and on with whatever we were tasting and talking about, and then someone would pop up with, “I can’t believe these wines are also organic.” The thought that organic wines can’t be as superior to, if not better than, their non-organic compatriots was enough to occasionally stop us dead in our track and agree that “organic,” for all intents and purposes, just isn’t a flavor issue… If anything, they’re better, because we know that the practices to bring these wines to us are much more pure in intent, in practice, and better received by our bodies.

Yeah.. I’m a health nut (pistachio), and very pleased with the life choices I’ve made in this regard. My dentist just told me everything I needed to know… She told me in what great condition my mouth is… whatever I’m doing, it’s really working. My physician also doesn’t expect to see much of me, because everything is better than it should be. Why? Organics matter… They really matter.

Don’t even say GMO to me…

So, here we were, tasting wine on a late Friday afternoon; all imports, all organic, and for me… very amazing.

Price points? All so reasonably priced, these wines are ones worth sharing.

I’m going to list them, give you a few adjectives, and tell you who they’re like for characters… You’ll have fun with rest, and decide who you’d like to drink in for the night. (Next blog posting…)

See if you can find the bird defect…

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