A question that comes up from time to time, “Which wines go with what desserts?”

Ah, my just desserts… Sometimes, I’ve been know to simply eat dessert first, I have to admit. That’s probably because my veggies were way overcooked, making them just too bitter to even think about eating; so, the easy way out is to have the Crème brûlée and just get on with my life. Hey, eggs and dairy, loads of protein, calcium, and vitamin D.

My mom, bless her heart, sure knew how to dress like Elizabeth Taylor; but, she sure didn’t know how to cook for the seven of us in my family. Every veggie had a 20 minute boil time, whether it needed it or not. Today, I can’t find one vegetable that needs more than five minutes, if at all; but, that was Dorothy, and this is now…

I have to admit that I’ve sent Shari’s Berries to people, and then ordered them for myself, once I tasted one of the chocolate delicacies. I was just asked if I’d like to use this info graphic on my website, with Shari’s Berries attached to the bottom of the graphic as the dessert to have with Port. For some, it might be considered free advertizing, so they won’t use the graphic. For me, it’s an endorsement, because I’ve independently ordered these delicious berries, and know how fabulous they are. I really love this infographic chart. It makes good wine with dessert sense.

Here’s a link to the Shari’s Berries site.

Today, I don’t eat many sweets, but if I need a resource, I’ll just search on my site for “Which wines go with what desserts?” and get on with my life. (It’s all about the easy storage of information on this blog for me; my brain is on everyday overload, with this very busy life.)

I trust you’ll enjoy this as much as I do. Let me know how it goes!

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