What follows are the Top Five Reasons for all wine marketing geeks to attend the inaugural UC Davis Wine Executive Program called, “Wine Packaging Strategy: Decide, Design, Impress.”

This definitely falls into the category of, “We’re so lucky to live out here with these kinds of resources.” I have to thank my Santa Rose Junior College days of getting ingrained into the wine business in a short amount of time, since I lost out on the experiences of being born into the the business and just having it ingrained. UC Davis is a central location for all of us in Northern California.

For the record, Fresno State is the southern answer to UC Davis’s programs. As well as Santa Rose Junior college, that I’ve mentioned, noted as the second best in the US, so is the following:

Here’s why they offer so much…

  • Many people in the California wine business are willing to help educate an upcoming crew.
  • These are well recognized wine professionals with not only the academics behind them (for the most part), but they’ve also got years of experiential learning to back up their theories.

Executive programs in viticulture, enology, marketing, and wine sales are superior and empowering. I’ve taken a plethora of classes, and know this to be true. If you can hitch your wagon, too, go for it, friends.

From a PRESS RELEASE, with some graphic highlights on my own end:

Call all wine marketing geeks ~ UC Davis Wine Executive Program

The people who buy your wine are investing in a promise. You’ve created a specific impression based on the package, the closure, the label and the channel you’ve chosen. We understand wine packaging is a major investment, and we’ve created a unique program to help you decide, design, and impress your customers with incredible packaging.

Be first in line to Register Today for a gala dinner on June 3rd and a full day program on June 4th for “Wine Packaging Strategy: Decide, Design, Impress” at UC Davis to gain the latest insights and tools on package design, consumer trends, and future state. Need help making the case? We’ve made it easy for you with these top 5 reasons to register:

1) Living Case Studies

The best way to learn is from world-class experts who’ve done it before, and succeeded. We’ll be presenting real success stories from Corey Beck (GM/Director of Winemaking for Coppola), Alison Crowe (Director of Winemaking for Plata Wine Partners) and others. Find out how they delivered new and innovative packaging concepts and how their customers reacted.

2) Design Innovation Strategy with IDEO

It’s no secret that IDEO is a giant in the world of design and innovation. Our keynote speakers include IDEO leaders who specialize in the food and beverage sector. Clients pay tens of thousands for access to their cutting edge design process. You’ll get an unprecedented opportunity to work with them directly during a fast-paced design thinking workshop.

3) Cutting Edge Data

Numbers don’t lie, and you need them to inform the decisions you make. Or do you? Learn the findings of UC Davis researchers regarding wine closures and how they impact wine flavor, get a full breakdown of consumer behavior trends from the Beverage Alcohol team at Nielsen, and learn why research really matters from Christian Miller of Full Glass Research.

4) Glass and Sustainability

Everyone’s got a question when it comes to what kind of glass to use (or if they should even use it all). What’s the perfect formula when it comes to weight? How will consumers react to your choices? Equally important is how it will affect your carbon footprint and freight costs. Gain a better understanding of what’s available and what questions you need to ask when exploring packaging options for your product.

5) Wine Executive Networking

Rub elbows with the most sought after experts in the wine packaging space, while comparing notes with your peers who wrestle with the same challenges you face.

Never before have these experts been brought together for an event like this! Don’t miss your opportunity to expand your industry network and learn something in the process. Register Today!

For more information, you’re encouraged visit our website or contact Angela Stopper, by email or by calling (530) 752-7240.


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