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Keeping it real… Will he, that Steve Heimoff?

Keeping it real… well I know Steve Heimoff will.

The natural buzz that’s developing is, “Will the Jackson Family Wines be keeping it real?”

Yes, I believe all parties will. I’ve known Steve Heimoff long enough to know that if he’s not true to himself, he’ll crumble and so will everything else around him. I’ve also worked for the Jackson Family Wines company, and they’re about as real as it gets.

[Image borrowed from Steve’s site.]

I was so happy to see my Facebook Alison Crowe, Winemaker and Partner at Garnet Vineyards and Partner/Director of Winemaking at Plata Wine Partners, write the following:

I am thrilled when wine companies (large or small) realize the importance of great education and communication about wine. Like Jo, I am excited to see what adventures Steve and Gus will have on the international wine stage. Well played, Jackson Family!

I responded to her:

That is the most important thing, Alison. If he’s held back from his public, because he’s an important public figure, everyone – I mean EVERYONE – loses.

And she came back with:

And if he is allowed to do his thang, then EVERYONE wins, even Jackson Family’s competitors, but especially the company w/ the vision to hire him. (I don’t work for Jackson). I remain hopeful!

This is entirely correct. We’re all just thinking out loud now, as Steve becomes familiar with his new digs… He and Gus headed up to Santa Rosa today, and I thought… “How sweet…”

When one has been a critic for as long as Steve has, and he’s admitted that he loves occasionally stirring the pot, you’d expect a bit of snarkiness to be flying around, but I’ve only seen one comment that might have come close (in the comments on my previous blog post saying that he’s “left the building”). Even within that comment, it might just be good intentioned cajoling. I’m not even sure.

Otherwise, everyone is wishing Steve well, and thanking him for what he’s done prior to his transition. That, for me, is the unexpected part… Everyone is thanking him, and they’re very important people who’re doing it.

  • As of my writing this, his blog is sporting 72 comments, with everyone wishing him much success.
  • My own blog about his new career path had a record set for how may people viewed my story… Well over 2100 in one day, a first, really.
    • I’m not adverse to letting you know, I’m not “all that.”
    • Some people get those numbers in a blink of an eye. I’m not that relevant, as I just journal.
    • A normal day for me is to have 200 to 300 people reading my writings.

Our collective hat is off to the Jackson Family Wines. And now, it’s their turn to keep it real…

I believe they’re going to keep it moving merrily along… that they won’t stop Steve from being himself; because they’re intelligent enough over there (they’re right in my neighborhood) to know that a good personality is hard to find, harder to obtain, and the hardest to keep happily moving merrily along.

I believe they’re all coming into a very important era.

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