First of all, what is an unshopping list?

Well, it can be one of two things, I think.

  1. It’s all those items you see in a grocery store that were picked up by someone, and moved to another location. Those things got “unshopped” and therefore belong on an “unshopping list.” (Store people have to find them and return them to their proper places. If it’s a frozen or cold item, I’ve been known to help out. I figure by doing this, I’m ultimately keeping food prices down.)
  2. Another definition would be related to all those guys out there who can’t wait to read a bad wine review. They put it on their “Unshopping List,” then spend copious hours trying to find those really bad wines, so they don’t actually buy them… Feeling a great sense of relief for unshopping them.

Restaurateurs, do you have anyone who’s come to you and said, “What don’t you recommend on your wine list?” (The need to unshop right then and there is paramount.)

And, Wine Shop Owners, do you have anyone who’s come to you and asked, “Please point me in the direction of your really bad wines, because I want to be sure to look at the bottles deeply, and then unshop them!” (You know, they have to first stare at the bottles, because it’s like a wreck that you can’t pull yourself away from looking at.)

Do you know any unshoppers? It would be fun to get to the bottom of this phenomenon. I’m only beginning my quest, so please, send them my way. I have a survey for them to fill out… We need that profile on file, in order to better serve him or her.

Who takes really bad scores, makes a list, and then unshops those wines… Please advise. Thanks!

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