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Meanwhile, enjoy this week’s Napa Valley Royalty wine picks…

From my notebook: Napa Valley Royalty for your Sweetheart

By Wilfred Wong

From my notebook: Notes from an extreme taster

In this wild and crazy wine world, with new regions sprouting up almost overnight, Napa Valley still reigns high to many consumers. Even my darling wife Alice asks me, “How was Napa today?” and I have to correct her in saying that I was actually in Sonoma County. She’s no different than so much of the world who thinks that winedom starts and ends with the Napa Valley.

For this week’s three picks, I’ve gone to the Mecca (Napa Valley) and chosen three Cabernets of royalty. Pick any one of these three or all three for a wine lovers’ Valentine’s Day and you’ll have a happy camper.

The Hall 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon reflects how great a winery can produce a fine wine in a difficult vintage. With the rains hitting so much of the North Coast Cabernets, careful selection had to be employed. Hall Wines has been so consistent with the cabs in recent years, I wasn’t surprised on how solid this wine showed. Ripe currants, some stalkiness, and sweet earth come into play. BevMo Retail: $48.99

Duckhorn Vineyards 2010 is one of the best Napa Cabernets in the current market. Showy, with ripe fruit and sweet oak, this one offers really pleasing textures on the palate; smooth, with solid tannins in the finish. BevMo Retail: $69.99.

What can anybody in the wine world say about the Heitz Cellars Martha’s Vineyard that hasn’t already been said? As one of most famous wines from the Napa Valley, comments and ratings of this wine are endless and expressive. Mint and eucalyptus are one of the wine’s hallmarks. The 2008 from a pretty good vintage is a truly excellent wine. Savory, with red currants and dried leaves, this wine reflects it history well. This is Napa Valley royalty at its best. BevMo Retail: $199.99.

Please enjoy this trio from the famed Napa Valley and remember that Cabernets for Valentine’s Day could be the gift of all.


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