Just last week, I wrote two stories about my friend and colleague Sue Straight.

As I was writing both of these stories, I was reflecting on the fact that when I write about other people, it’s really something very personal for each one of them… Hey, how often does anyone write about the writers as a subject? As small as the audience might be for each one as a subject worth discovering, I’m still providing an important service for each one of them. (I do get niche with subjects… And that’s half the fun for the time I spend…)

I originally began writing about writers, because being a wine publicist, I was asked many times in a week who one writer might be, or who someone else might be. There are thousands of writers, and I don’t – nor can I – expect my clients to know who everyone is. Honestly, that’s why they hire me. I have some connections they want and need. I’ve become a gatekeeper, in many ways. Writers are more than happy to hang out with Jose and me, and I’ve all but stopped trying to set up too many appointments between writers and clients. Over the years I’ve learned that writers are increasingly finding one-on-one “too close quarters,” for the meet and greet.

So, I hang out with writers, because I’m one, too. I’m not demanding of anything, and love being around others who have my same interests.

Back to the power of the pen…when I began Diaz Communications with Jose, Cyril Penn of Wine Business was finishing off a story about Wine Communications Companies. He had me quickly answer some questions, and he launched us… Period. His support made all of the difference for us. I feel that I need to be able to do the same with this blog, knowing how important Cyril’s recommendation was for us. He also just launched Sue’s press release about her becoming a Direct To Consumer (DTC) coach. So, that doesn’t surprise me about Cyril. He sees the vision and advocates for it in a quiet way.

I’ve asked Sue if I can share her personal message to me, because it tells us how important any writing can be, regardless of how small we may perceive the audience at the time to be, and what the impact of the story might have. It’s always more than we understand… the power of the pen (Penn)…

From Sue to me, via Email, when asked if i could share her card.

Yes, please! My phone is ringing off the hook, thanks to you!! I have a paid speaking engagement in Temecula, as a direct result of your blogs. 

From Sue to me, via Snail Mail, unsolicitedly: