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The back end of a blog

The back end of a blog is a pretty interesting place to be. Being on the front end of one, you get to read what people find interesting and relevant (enough to write about it). We edited it several times and then we published…. But, we’re always on the back end.

This is where blog publishers get to move around and learn about people, what they’re searching for, and what interests them. This image of my left hand tab shows you what we get to see.

The most interesting information comes from the “Jetpack” tab. This is where I get the following:

  1. Site stats of how many people are reading Wine blog. (I keep it on the “Daily” tab.)
  2. Referred box (other websites coming into my blog for that day).
  3. Search Engine Terms (what people have searched on is the most fascinating).
  4. Always an interesting item to be reading on the back, this is just one typical day worth sharing, so you get some insight, too…

Half of this stuff, I haven’t even written about, so I’m not sure how and why they end up on Wine-blog, but they do. And one that I find pretty mean spirited in this list, I’m not going to add; but, I will tell you that it’s a wine writer’s name with the word “arrogant” following the name. Again, I’m trying to give you insight into what people who are interested in wine are searching on, for whatever reason…

Searches in one day:

  1. wine tv
  2. the arrogant writer search
  3. southern wine & spirits of america philanthropy
  4. wine press release examples
  5. the seeker wine blog
  6. who was the winemaker at chateau latour between 1994 and 1999?
  7. wine enthusiast jadot paul gregutt
  8. shape of wine grape leaves
  9. plastic wine cork crumbles
  10. bill citara
  11. the seeker malbec 2011
  12. sensual sparkling wine
  13. writers who love petite sirah
  14. non gmo wine europe australia
  15. en oeno rose greek drama soil type
  16. first global village how portugal changed the world

What I personally find fascinating is the amount of wine writers that are being searched on, with my name occasionally also showing up on this list. Of the 16 examples, five of them are direct wine writers. The fact that I have a page devoted to wine writers will get traffic to my site; however, that’s not the point here. What is the point is that people are searching on writers; perhaps to be able to reach out for them for publicity, perhaps to read about them and their style… Whatever the reason is, in one day, there were a lot of searches, as you’ll see below:


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