Today’s Three wine picks from Wilfred Wong continues the blog entries by my friend and colleague Wilfred Wong. Wilfred is the popular and affable Cellar Master at BevMo! His palate is highly regarded; his opinions matter a great deal. Please enjoy.

Winery images have been borrowed from the respective wineries’ Web sites; for emphasis and their promotional use, only. Wilfred’s image comes from his BevMo! wine blog page.


I Hope Chardonnay is on your radar screen.

One of my favorite songs is Michelle Featherstone’s Coffee and Cigarettes, where she’s talking about “flushing her bad habits away.” Well I still love my whole milk cappuccinos, I don’t smoke cigarettes (bad for both health and palate), and I love my Chardonnays! For this weekend’s three wine picks, I’m thrilled to present a trio of dazzling chards.

For decades, I was never a really big fan of the ZD Chardonnays, then one cool winter evening, I tasted the wine and it was so much better. The oak was always too strong, but over the last two vintages, this venerable Napa Valley winery has done it right. The 2012 features bright apple, with just an accent of oak in the background. On the palate the wine is positively alluring. Ultra premium and very fine, BevMo! Retail: $34.99… With a $9.00 ClubBev discount. At $25.99, this wine is a star on the midway.

The 2012 Main & Geary Chardonnay is the winner in my super premium, value category. Shows power and finesse as beautiful and refined cored flavors run thorough the wine. At $14.95, don’t walk but run to the nearest BevMo! near you. This has been one of BevMo’s most popular Chardonnays!

The final pick of the week is the excellent 2012 Rodney Strong Vineyards Chalk Hill Chardonnay. At $21.99, this wine is light years better than the competition. Serves up mineral, green apple and oak in the flavors, long and lacy in generous finish, this one invites oven baked chicken and risotto.

So as I put down my morning coffee, and file away today’s chardonnay notes, I’ll be keeping my palate happily occupied with a whole slew of wines and wine notes that need my attention. I hope you pick up a bottle or two of my recommended chardonnays and get back to me on how they fared.


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