Today’s Three wine picks from Wilfred Wong marks the first wine blog entry by my friend and colleague Wilfred Wong, who is the Cellar Master at BevMo! Wilfred’s palate is highly regarded; his opinions matter a great deal. Please enjoy.

Winery images have been borrowed from the respective wineries’ Web sites; for emphasis and their promotional use, only. Wilfred’s image comes from his BevMo! wine blog page.


You know how hard it is to pick three wines? It’s way hard, but I’ll just sit at my screen until their images magically appear. Hmm, I can feel them coming into focus as we speak. You are there listening, aren’t you?

My #1 wine of the year, the 2010 Beaulieu Vineyard Georges de Latour Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is now clearly in view as it runs ring around the competition. I’ve tasted this wine three times and it’s gotten progressively better. This should be no surprise; it’s a wine that has a long and glorious history. The 1951 “Egg Fined” remains as one the Top 5 wines I’ve ever enjoyed in my life. I tasted it on October 14, 1990, when the wine was nearly 40 years old. It originally retailed for $1.82. The new vintage was just released and is simply amazing. Youthful, yet already showing its classic charms, this wine would be the perfect high-end wine gift. I’m sure someone on your list is worthy. At $114.99, this one compares with many of Bordeaux’s top classifieds; which, believe it or not, costs even more.

For those desiring to spend a tad less, I’d go with the 2010 Sequoia Grove Cabernet Sauvignon. At $47.99 and on a BevMo! ClubBev special of $39.99, this may be the hottest ticket in town. A Napa Valley standard-bearer, Sequoia Grove owns the sweet spot on Highway 29. Over delivers at the price, classic lovers of Cabernet will enjoy the wine’s ripe currants, sweet oak and layered palate. This talk is making me thirsty.

In the value breadbasket, I ask you take a risk on Chardonnay from Argentina, actually from the cool region of Patagonia. Almost Chablis-like, the crisp 2012 Verum Chardonnay is a rock solid bargain. A superior wine and priced incredibly well at $19.99 (ClubBev: $14.99). I’ve met the family and tasted with the winemaker on several occasions, and these guys know what they’re doing.

At this time of the year, wines become a blur to me. I have tasted so many wines through the calendar year that they seem to meld into one another. Yet, a few always climb to the top and these three do. BTW, you know where to find me, if I am on your gift giving list. (Just kidding! :))