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A great idea turned into a reality ~ Wilfred’s Weekend Wines

It all began with a conversation started last past Saturday, from an epiphany that I had while reading my Facebook page. There was Wilfred Wong posting wines that he had tasted and his thoughts about those wines.

EXAMPLE: Ever since I attended the Sonoma in the City tasting in San Francisco, I have been haunted with the growers and wineries from the Petaluma Gap. Though it is not an AVA at the moment (there is movement into making it one), the area has some of California’s most impressive wineries. One such player is Keller Estate. Just before BevMo! opened its Petaluma store, I attended a media tasting of the wines from the Petaluma Gap and the 2011 Keller Estate Oro De Plata took a powerful position in my notebook as one of the very best Chardonnays that I had tasted in 2013. I added this wine to my top wines of 2013 because it is so superb! 2011 Keller Estate CHARDONNAY (SONOMA COAST) Oro De Plata SRP: $33.00 (94) Light straw, green color; dried citrus, some lees, attractive; medium bodied, alive on the palate; dry, nice acidity, good balance; nectarines and mineral, bright and fine; long, crisp aftertaste. One of the very best chardonnays I have tasted recently from anywhere.
Grown, Produced and Bottled by: Keller Estate, Petaluma, CA

This one did it to me. What a fabulous resource, and these stories on Facebook could have even greater web exposure if we collaborated.

I messaged him:

Wilfred, would you consider having a Wilfred’s Weekend Wine Picks on Fridays, on my wine blog? I could always Facebook and Twitter it. Meanwhile, you’d get the publicity for both yourself and for BevMo.

All of your Facebook offerings made me realize you’re already writing your thoughts. It would just be taking what you’re already doing and putting it into another location on the Web. It would build your image more, and it would allow me more time that I need right now to begin writing a book for one of my clients. I’ve already begun the research and development… But my blog takes valuable time away from this new project.

Wilfred Wong

Sounds like a good thing, what format? How many wines?

Jo Diaz

That would be your decision.. Creatively yours… I could get you into the back end of my site and teach you how simple it is to write a post on Word Press… Or, you could give text to me and I’ll do the formatting. If you have images, I can upload, or you may enjoy learning how to do it.

I’d also want to do a bio of you for the first Friday, before your Weekend Picks begin, as a lead-in. You’d join the ranks of my wine writing professionals’ page.

Wilfred Wong

Sounds very promising, let’s make it work for all of us. I already feel good about you two. [Jose was included in other parts of this dialogue, but I’m not writing that part for now.]

I am all about pragmatic and smart research while pushing the envelope and putting one’s own creative or signature stamp on things. We’ll be very collaborative. I am excited about the prospects too!

And so it went on that Saturday morning..

Today, I’m sharing that Wilfred and I have joined forces. As I mentioned to him, I’m beginning a second book and I need more time; but, I’m also committed to continuing with my wine blog.

SIDEBAR: With my first book, I chose to be a ghost writer, due to creative differences between my client and me. It was due to the title she chose for the book. It just didn’t make sense to me; nor did my title make sense to her. (I wanted to call it, “If Walls Could Talk,” in typical “Jo style.” She saw it as a self help book, and named it accordingly. I knew it wasn’t self help; but I also knew why she wanted to name it as she did, so I let it go.

BACK TO WILFRED: Wilfred, meanwhile, will enrich the content of this wine blog. He’s a great wine colleague and resource, with impeccable credentials; and, he’s adored by all who know him. He’ll be giving us all great advice on wines that he’s tasting on a very regular basis. Perhaps he’ll also add some of his on-the-road stories, as he travels the world on wine adventures.

Beginning next Friday, you’ll begin to enjoy Wilfred’s Weekend Wines, if you don’t already on Facebook or on his BevMo! Wine blog. Wilfred tastes over 8,000 wines a year… I can’t compete with that. Very few of us can, which makes him a perfect resource for us all.  I couldn’t be more pleased.


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