PR 101, let’s talk the basics…

This blog has me jumping though some interesting hoops. I get asked all kinds of questions, and I do my best to answer them, because I also learn something in the process, too.

  • Hi Jo, my boyfriend is a  wine lover and blogger and has mentioned to me on a few occasions about a white Chianti. Chianti is his favorite and I am looking to track down a bottle of the white for his birthday in the beginning of December. Could you help me figure this out? Ive been all over Google and can’t find mention of a white Chianti.
  • I began following your blog recently. Kudos!…I am enjoying it. Admittedly, I am no wine expert, and have just recently began exploring the world of wine. Therefore I have a question about a bottle that has recently come under my possession. It is a Schramsberg 1969 Blanc de Blanc. I would like to sell it and am curious about the best way to go about that and who to contact. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. !

I believe it’s very important to let people know, not just for my sake, but for the sake of anyone and everyone blogging… We’re writing because we have a passion. We’re not doing it because it’s returning any appreciable income. Anyone blogging can tell you that… But, if you’re not blogging, you might not realize that.

So, as a public service, I’ll let you know:

  • All kinds of questions come our way
  • Some of us feel obliged to get the answers for you, regardless of the fact that we also have to provide some value to our day jobs
  • We have a passion, and blogging is the outlet
  • Any time we spend helping you, that time doesn’t generate billable hours

Here’s a recent example of a one-hit wonder. And I’m still waiting to hear back, after a half hour of involvement on this man’s behalf. This would fall into the Hi or Dear Jo category, except he never addressed me. I could be a robot, for what it’s worth, with this one.

My wife and I will be in Bordeaux next spring (late May) for two days – on a cruise.

Is it possible to get to Normandy for a day – is this too far of a drive?

What would the cost be?

Thank you.

G. T.

Lead Pastor

[Blank Blank] Church

Since I didn’t have a clue, I began to research it for him… Beginning to get deeply into maps and reconfiguring miles with kilometers, I then thought, “Let me just put this question onto Facebook. I have so many wine friends that travel the world.” I figured someone would have the answer:

  • Dan Kleck (Winemaker in the Central Coast area) Day’s drive from Bordeaux to Normandy…at least. The Loire Valley is the only thing in between…a whole nother vacation!
  • Howard Hewitt Have they checked trains? might be faster – and potentially cheaper!
  • Joanne Davidson Saliby Dan said it.
  • Monique R Dubois I found just about all my travel questions answered as I planned our trip to Italy on TripAdvisor.
  • Nancy Weil Brown France is the size of Texas. Normandy is in the north, and Bordeaux is nearer the south. Maybe they could get to Lyon on the TGV???

I sent the above information back to him in mid October, and I’m still sitting here waiting for him to let me know that he appreciates my time. It’s been 20 days. Perhaps he put that thank you into God’s hand… Yeah, that must be it.

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