Wine sales reps, want to simplify?

If you’re a wine wholesale dinosaur, you can move on. I have nothing here for you…

Only those who love to innovate… you know, those early adopters… are the ones who will want to read any further; because you’re open to great new ideas and how to streamline your job, your day, your life.

Jose and I were having dinner with Sue Straight, a.k.a. Wine Wench. She began to describe what she’s doing with SYNCH, and I visually began to see what was going on… just by her hand gestures, pretending she was holding a phone and zipping through the process of wine sales and inventories on her imagined phone. If I hadn’t already worked with wholesalers, and I was a day-to-day wine blogger looking for my next wine to review, this would so not get my attention. But, I’ve been in wine sales, so I instantly “got it” and saw the value of sharing for those of you who need more time to get your job done… maybe even on the golf links.

Order Capturing without paper & pencil:

Now you can make a sales order in the field by either scanning a barcode or searching a list. Once completed, you, and whomever you want, will electronically receive the order documentation, review past orders, and see all the business activity right from your Smartphone in the field. Imagine!

About SYNCH:

Synch (Formerly ScanMyList) is a company dedicated to providing affordable, smart, mobile inventory and ordering solutions for distributors and manufactures. The company is located in Seattle, Washington.

Synch consists of smart phone applications and a web dashboard. The smart phone application helps the users by capturing their orders and managing their inventories on the move without paper and pencil. Business statistics and analytics are presented on our web dashboards, as well as in the apps to help the users master demand planning and make smarter decisions. Their product is lightweight, low cost, and easy to use.

The SYNCH team came together in 2012, bringing a mix of mobile, big data, industrial/manufacturing and engineering talent together. Since then, the whole team has spent countless hours developing the product bit by bit and they’ve made some remarkable accomplishments. This includes helping World Concern, a nonprofit organization, to distribute commodities in Africa (good social consciousness). With their app, they were able to help the aid workers in Kenya distribute almost one million pounds of food 25 percent faster with 54 percent less labor. This accomplishment has further validated their business plan, they’ve now turned their focus to US businesses, in order to make managing physical product manufacturing, sales, and distribution more efficient.