Segueing one industry quickly into another is today’s marketing concept; and those who embrace it will be the winners.

A soundtrack cover for Sex and the City 2

A soundtrack cover for Sex and the City 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For instance, Sex and the Wine Country is far from Sex and the City; but it’s how life and this blog post have evolved, as of right now this very minute…

Recently I got some SexyPop Popcorn to try out. I’m big on wine being a liquid form of food, and I think that’s why some foodies have begun to search me out. They know I’ll find a way to segue one industry quickly into another, and it might not be that obvious. However, I think it’s slowly becoming that, as I write freely about liquid and solid foods being in the same refrigerator.

This is the marketing lesson of the day…

If you’re marketing wine, think about a lifestyle magazine that will work for your brand, besides all the obvious wine ones.

A classic example is our Happy Camper client. You have no idea how easy it is to go to camping magazines, especially in the spring to fall months, to have a new writer become intrigued and committed.

There’s the other lesson/caveat, too… Timing. You can write press releases and send them out all year, that are probably not even newsworthy and more for your image building… But, if it’s the wrong season, you’re most likely falling on deaf ears and wasting all of your efforts.


So, how did the SexyPop Popcorn go?

I loved it.

Shaman of Snacks Robert Ehrlich introduced his beautifying popcorn at Baltimore’s Natural Products Expo. This is the founder of the very popular snack brand called Pirate’s Booty. From a press release:

Aiming to revolutionize the relationship between noshing and nutrition, Sexypop popcorn injects sexiness into the body-conscious consumer’s snack break through a focus on healthy, unique ingredients and a promise of clearer skin.

With premium, antioxidant-packed Japanese popcorn as a base, the flavors are formulated to be both delectable and healthful – both inside and out. Says founder Robert Ehrlich, “Sexypop contains nourishing ingredients such as Avocado & Seaweed, a combination poised to become the world’s first edible skincare regimen.”


I enjoyed it while sipping some of Joy Sterling‘s Iron Horse Vineyards bubbles, and watching Sex in the City reruns. (For me, it’s a first time around for Sex in the City, and I needed a little “Calgon” to “take me away.”)

It was all pretty sexy, that’s all I can say… I’m not sure if it made my skin any softer, but it did taste very delicious.

BUT, do you know what’s sexier? A British company that’s offering NON GMO products to savvy, sexy American consumers…

Some of us are smart enough to not allow anyone to fool with Mother Nature if it’s going into our bodies. And, SexyPop is quick to tell you that their popcorn flavors are NOT based in GMO corn. Yes!

They’re another delicious “British Invasion,” all in the name of marketing.

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