Amelasio Tempranillo es una seductora (a seductress): an enchantress, femme fatale, temptress, siren all describe this wine… With its deliciously ample and full bodied flavors, this wine was a just delightful one to enjoy.

Brought to us (imported) by Vinos & Bodegas of Ciudad Real, Spain, the 2010 Amelasio Tempranillo’s color is cherry red with tinges of violet. The nose brings up familiar aromas of red fruits like cherry and blackberries. On the palate, I enjoyed flavors of black berries, liquorice, and coffee. The finish was soft with elegantly smooth tannins… Hence, the seductress beckoning for this remarkable wine.

It’s being from Spain had me celebrating my Jose’s roots. From Tierra de Castilla, this Vin de Pays wine from 2010 Vino de la Tierra de Castilla Amelasio was a delicious surprise. I’d love to have more Tempranillo, and I have to now make the effort to find it on wine menus. I’m betting that my favorite restaurant Chinois Asian Bistro will have it. Long before becoming one of our clients, this was my favorite restaurant… I don’t call it my favorite, because it’s a client. It became a client, because we spent so much time there. They eventuality got to know us and wanted to use our talents to help them to market, because we had become friends, and friends just help friends naturally. There we are. A client with an owner and  Master Som as a wine buyer… and Tempranillo could easily become a house – everyday – wine on their menu.

So, knowing practically nothing about Spain, let’s explore more about this wine and its region together. I’ll do the research for us. I did get “to see” Spain one day. I was in Portugal, and the landscape stretched to Spain. As we looked at it, I saw it and yearned to go there, just to say that I had crossed the border; but I was on another assignment, so I can only say, “I’ve seen it,” that’s all. Perhaps a trip back to Portugal (to visit with my friends) and then off to Spain would do Jose and I lot of good.


Located at the apex of three provinces, (Ciudad Real, Cuenca and Albacete), the winery states that they “stand on the most important area of production of wine in the whole world.” Constructed in 1997, Vinos & Bodegas – since their beginning – represents quality. They’ve taken advantages of the great opportunities Castilla-La Mancha offers. With 321 acres of newly planted vineyards of different varieties, this allows them to make excellent wines and offering them to all worldwide markets.

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