Delectable Teams Up with VinTank to Unite Wineries and Wine Lovers

I’ve been very enamored with VinTank, the wine industry’s think tank, since their very beginnings. I really appreciate innovation in any profession, including the wine business. I find that it seems to move much too slowly. There are those – the farmers most especially – who are more patient than I am. They know that everything comes in due time. I, on the other hand, am like Tigger in Winnie The Pooh in many ways. For me, it’s “Let’s get going!”

When VinTank came onto the scene, and I found more innovators. I could relate, and I could feel the pain that was coming for them; regardless of whether or not they knew they’d be having it, with what they were offering. It’s kind of like a mother who asks an expectant woman, “Is this your first baby?” There’s an unspoken code in that. I just knew what was coming, and decided to be there for them, regardless.. Not in a visionary way, in an experienced way.

VinTank has become the world’s largest software solution for social media management, for both the wine and restaurant industries. They measure over 350 million conversations about wine, they profile over 14 million social wine consumers, and they serve over 4,700 wine brands.  VinTank helps wineries and restaurants connect and understand their customers in ways never before imagined, including yet to be completely understood. I reiterate, they’re ahead of their time… still and for a while longer.

They’re innovators way ahead of the adoption curve, and that’s what happens to people ahead of their time.

It’s with great pleasure that I’m here to support and announce their next HUGE move…

The New Vin Tank


Fully integrated partnership fosters unprecedented communication and engagement for the wine industry

Delectable, the leading social wine app amongst wine lovers and professionals, today announced a partnership with VinTank, a social monitoring and measuring platform for the wine industry. This partnership ensures Delectable’s integration within the VinTank platform, which will ultimately strengthen the customer-winery relationship and increase one-to-one engagement.

“Delectable users want to learn more about the incredible people behind every amazing bottle of wine,” said Alex Fishman, founder and CEO of Delectable. “We’ve focused on connecting wine producers with the individuals who are enjoying their wine. Through these connections we’re helping producers build long-lasting relationships with their consumers. Partnering with VinTank allows us to create this incredibly deep connection on an unprecedented scale.”

Delectable not only offers unique social, commerce and recommendation capabilities that cater to the needs of users, it offers direct and personal connection between wine professionals and wine customers. Under this exclusive partnership, VinTank’s 4,700 wine brands will be able to respond in real-time to their consumers directly through Delectable via the VinTank platform. Delectable is the only wine app integrated within the VinTank platform, and joins Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare to create the most comprehensive social-listening aggregation available for the wine industry.

“We’ve thoroughly analyzed and looked at all wine apps and their relevance to the consumer for the last five years and produced multiple reports about the state of wine apps,” said Paul Mabray, CEO of VinTank. “While each of the apps served a particular consumer need, it was only Delectable that built a solution that put together all the needs of a consumer. It was only Delectable that strived to connect wineries and customers.”

“As the definitive leader in social interactions within the wine industry, monitoring nearly a million wine conversations daily, VinTank has paved the path for social communications between wineries and wine drinkers,” continued Fishman. “It has been a tremendous resource for wineries and because of our shared ethos of connecting producers and consumers, this partnership is a natural fit.”

About Delectable

Founded in 2011, Delectable is a leading wine app with the world’s largest wine database of over 2 million wines and an engaged social community including the world’s leading wine professionals. The team is comprised of technologists, designers, winemakers and artists building technology to reinvent the wine industry.

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Delectable Teams Up with VinTank to Unite Wineries and Wine Lovers

Fully integrated partnership fosters unprecedented communication and engagement for the wine industry

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