Putting the Delicious in Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah® are the great foodies that join our fantastic event… And I use “fantastic,” because of all of the people who show up… wineries, foodies, and avid fans of this cult variety.

The life blood of any event is the volunteerism that goes into it. Imagine the Tournament of Roses parade without volunteers, for instance. Imagine Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah® without volunteers, and you wouldn’t get to enjoy one of the best wine and food events in Northern California.

As Steve Heimoff  of Wine Enthusiast and SteveHeimoff.com so succinctly put it…

Dark & Delicious is one of the more fun events of its kind. There’s tons of great food provided by local restaurants, and scores of wineries pour their Petite Sirahs (plus there’s usually some additional stuff “under the table”). It’s $63.00 a person [$65 this year] , which is cheap considering you can eat a bellyful of really good food and drink to your heart’s content. And no parking hassles: There’s a huge lot well staffed by young men who how to direct the traffic.

There is no other event like this one… One that has 30 foodies show up with delicious foods, for fewer than 850 people attending. People have three hours to wine and dine, either in a walk around setting, or gathering what they’d like to enjoy and heading for our cafe seating. We believe in having a great time, and we also believe that sitting down to enjoy food is not only better for digestion, but it’s also a great, relaxing atmosphere. That’s kind of hard to do with 800 people in a room… it’s not exactly “intimate,” but it is compared to other Bay Area events. This makes Dark & Delicious Petite Sirah® unique and loved by our many fans… and volunteers.

This year as we begin our planning, our food liaison Katie Kelley has put the word out to her all-volunteer foodie database, and the following foodies have already signed up, with much enthusiasm, as you can view in their comments:

[Image is from the National Pork Board’s site.]
We also have the National Pork Board as a sponsor, which allows the chefs to “be inspired” once more. This kind of support for PS I Love You greatly helps our chefs, who are complete volunteers for this event… from imagination, to food purchasing and costs, to creating, and labor ~ before, during, and after the event….

The National Pork Board has been with us since the beginning, and it is they who have helped to make this such a “delicious” event, too, by subsidizing a portion of the pork costs.

As the list grows, I’ll be adding to it. For now, just review your favorite foodies who are committed, and don’t start drooling, yet. We’ve got a few months to go.



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