Chilean Sauvignon Blanc and Oysters are a natural wine pairing, I hear. I don’t know, because I’m allergic to shell fish, so I’ll depend on you folks to tell me how fabulous the flavors are. Go ahead… wax poetic in the comments.

I can say, with all certainty, that Chilean Sauvignon Blanc pairs really well with may fine meat dishes that I enjoy, and it’s also a great cheese complement.

So, when I was asked to taste some Chilean Sauvignon Blancs, I eagerly agreed. When the wines arrived, there was also a knife that I had never seen before. A double sided, kind of fat (in width) blade. Hum? I read the handle and there it was… Bay Imports, custom oyster knives. Well, imagine, your own knife for shucking oysters. I’m really digging the culture, even though I’m not going to be risking my life. (Actually, my husband is not allergic, so he’s now inspired and in oyster sucking heaven.)

Cass Silva (Wine of Chile), 2012 Cool Coast Sauvignon Blanc | Viñedo de Paredones, DOC Valle de Colchagua

Twist off wonder… Crisp, crystal clear, light lemon in color; minerality on the nose without swirling, volatilized it’s even more mineral and lemony. “Can’t wait to taste,” is what I thought. This is not your grandma’s gato kind of Sauvignon Blanc, and that’s okay. Sometimes, I don’t need a litter box to tell me that this Sauvignon Blanc is very delicious. I believe that chemical called pyrazine in SB’s can be highly over rated. this wine is devoid of pyrazine, and therefore shines brightly with other flavors tart green apples and lemons. I’d head this one toward a cheese plate… I took a cheese course at Charles Creek Winery a few years ago, and then shared the course on the blog. You might like to review what goes with what:

Pairing Cheese With Wine ~ A Lesson From a Pro at Charles Creek Winery  ~ I believe the Vella Dry Jack, Sonoma CA would work really well with this wine.

FROM MY BLOG: This Artisan cow’s milk cheese was very firm with a cocoa rind, which meant that it had gathered a bit of age. It was crumbly and dry, as a result of now having low moisture and oil. We crumbled the cheese, tasting just a tiny bit of it, to get the initial taste to understand its flavor and how it would then interplay with the Pinot Grigio. [Here is where I’d also interject this Sauvignon Blanc.] The wine introduced a lemony, crisp acidity, blending the two – solid and liquid – into a creamy texture on everyone’s palate. It was an instant hit.

I had it with an Applewood Smoked Bacon BLT… Thick bacon slices, organic butternut lettuce, and Heirloom Tomatoes on a sweet baguette made this food and wine pairing muy delicioso, while Jose dreamed of Oysters on the half shelf for mañana….

 Hacienda Araucano, 2012 Sauvignon Lolol Valley, clone 242

So, all of the wines have a twist off capsule. Honestly, this made it so easy for me, after a long day of working, using my hands all day long. Simple was the easiest for right now. (I’m sure others feel the same way… But I’m most partial to corks, because of their relationship to the earth we live on.)

Back to the wine. Crisp and clean, not a hint of pyrazine. In fact, not one of the four wines tasted had the all too familiar meow factor. For me, it really worked, because I wasn’t focusing on possibly having to service my cats. I loved the lemony flavors, the crisp, clean flavors of granny smith apples that were so satisfying, both on the nose and on my palate. A slight tangerine flavor came forth, and I was in Sauvignon heaven with this one.

The Lolol Valley was completely new to me, so I did a little research for us all. From “Lolol is a wine-producing sub-region in the south-western portion of the Colchagua Valley in central Chile. It has yet to earn the reputation of its sister appellation Apalta 20 miles (30km) to the north-west, but has nonetheless attracted attention in recent years for the quality of the Sauvignon Blanc and the Cabernet Sauvignon made here.”

Again, simple food prevailed, a chicken stir fry with lots of fresh vegetables. I didn’t, but could see a enjoying un plato salsa cremosa with this one. It’s got the right acid balance for it.

Tomorrow, Part 2…