I love wine blogging on Saturdays.

  • Writing isn’t frantic, because the phone’s not ringing.
  • The home office is quiet… period; except when the doorbell rings. But, I know it’s my mailman Paul with a package of something I’ve ordered, and that’s great.
  • Thinking outside of my boxed self is enjoyable.
  • The rants don’t come easily, and mostly that’s a good thing.
  • Reflecting on what’s relevant allows for taking things on that I otherwise wouldn’t.
  • Clients’ needs begin in two days.
  • I have memories from the past week that popped up that I could consider. Like this Ms. Manners Observer random thought:
  • I was driving around last week, running a wine errand, thinking how I detest people who are at a tasting and shake their glasses frantically, like a Salvation Army bell ringer, to get out the last drop. The shaking’s not the real problem, as much as just shaking it as though no one’s else is behind them…
  • How can they be stopped. #RudeBehavior
  • I sometimes wish I hadn’t been sent to Charm School. I could get over being judgmental.

Switching from Facebook to my blog, I can get more insight. I asked, “Anyone want to add anything to my wine blog story I’m writing – about “writing on Saturdays” to see what other people are thinking… be more interactive, before it even becomes active. I got a great response: Corin Hirsch. As a writer, I love waking up to rainy Saturdays. It’s free license to stay inside writing and not feel guilty about “enjoying the day.” Not sure how that fits into a wine blog post, but it was my exact thought upon waking up! (I’m working on a book due in 6 weeks and the weather has been tortuously gorgeous. Until today.)

Even though I love blogging on Saturdays, I’m also not blogging as much as I used to.

  • After eight years of writing, simply for the sake of writing (non-billable hours), I’ve written a lot of stories that needed to be told, all related to wine.
    • In some circles, that would be a few books.
  • Three new grandchildren have come into my world, with two of them being about two and a half already… I have my non-wine hands full and happily so.
    • My son (aka son-in law) Heath Hoffman is a winemaker. He and Melanie’s newest child (two weeks old today) is named Astrid Sirah. (Everything in my life is somehow related to wine.)

I don’t have to take care of so many consumers wanting to know the basics about wine anymore… The stage is flooded with people wanting to get onto the stage, to “get centered.” Meanwhile, I’m seasoned and can pick and choose, do the things that interest me most, which also includes gardening. Still… there’s wine at the heart of it all. Even my garden has a grape vine producing in it.

  • Harvest is in full swing. So many grapes have yet to be picked. If Petite Sirah hasn’t been picked, bunch rot could bring down an entire vineyard…
    • Disaster
  • There are events today, and unlike the one I hold each year in February – where we have the cover of a building – they’re all based outside, having to do with harvest.

The past week produced a lot of interesting questions; some of which I answered, some yet to be answered.

  • Working on:
    • Who was the first person/brand to produce a Petite Sirah Port?
    • Looking for wine sponsor: We are planning a book party at a private Beverly Hills home on Oct 29 (pictures of the house and the book are attached) and are looking for a wine sponsor. The house was recently featured in the New York Times “Home” section. The invitation will go to over 3000 affluent people, but the party is limited to 250 (guests must RSVP to get the address).
    • Fall뭩 Favorite Pairing: Chilean Sauvignon Blanc & Oysters
    • Already tasted two of the four wines, and love the oyster knife that came along with the experience.
    • On my blog as a question from Angela: I understand that Sutter in California produces Moscato wine. Can you do a write up on when the Moscato wine was introduced in California and who was the family who brought it there. Was it very recent – 1900′s? or was it from the time of Thomas Jefferson. And what ethnicity?
    • Today, I don’t have to ponder all of this… I just write from a musing standpoint; sometimes amusing, sometimes not… Always mind speak, sometimes off color… Red or white, what will you be having tonight?
  • Answered:
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