Wine Sippy Cup? You’re kidding, right? It would seem so; we’re not kids anymore.

Have I ever had wine from plastic? Of course. By a pool or at the lake, glass on the grass or cement isn’t practical; it can be downright dangerous.

Give Simple seems to think a wine sippy cup can serve our needs.

This product/concept might be falling into the category of “What will they think up next?”

From the Give Simple site:

As Seen on The Chew!  As Seen on The Today Show!

A wine lover’s dream come true! Now you can take that vino on the go-go!  The Wine Sippy Cup has a familiar wine glass shape in a spill resistant double wall tumbler, so you can sip your wine in style without worrying about spilling on your outfit.   Perfect for the beach, park, tailgating, or other fast-paced adventures (like chasing a toddler around at a, ahem, “playdate”).

Pair it with The Beer Sippy Cup for beer lovers.

So, I put this out to my Facebook friends, with some very fun results:

From “Wine & Spirits bloggers:

  • Kovas Palubinskas We tried these and, while clever in design, we still find it hard to drink out of plastic.
  • Peter Nowack It looks cupholder friendly. Perfect for that in-between wineries driving. #Fail
  • Beau Carufel They’ll sell; doesn’t matter what we think.
  • Peter Nowack Maybe they’re designed for Jr. Wine Club members?

From my women writer’s group:

  • Catie McIntyre Walker Gimmick and no. If I am going plastic, I prefer the govino glasses. The only reason I need a sippy top for a beverage is if I am driving and I typically do not drink wine and drive.
    • Jo Diaz Exactly what I was thinking, Catie. That said, the advertisers say it’s a great beach glass. (No sand in your Sangria… LOL)
  • Wine Julia The one and only situation I could see these being useful is on a boat; otherwise, I can’t imagine them being anything but goofy.
  • Nannette Eaton Just silly. I’m with Catie and Julia’s thoughts. Also, it’s a stupid design — you have a 20-24 ounce container that holds 5 ounces. If I’m [at a] concert, movie-going or camping, I prefer the juice box or the bag-in-box.
  • Marlene Rossman Perhaps you should base your decision on price?
  • Cindy Lowe Rynning I bought the red one for wine when I go on our boat! I’ll be using it this weekend I hope so will send you a pic:) No spilling wine for me!! I guess I should say swirl, sippy, savor!!
  • Lorie Perrone Especially good after the 4th+ glass when things get tippy/tipsy.
  • Michele Carreira Haid Perfect for the south florida lifestyle. I have one and had a white in it by the pool. The wine stayed cool and no pool water got in the glass from the children splashing around. Also ideal for boating. Otherwise, I would not see any other use for them.
  • Sabrina Silva I prefer to think I’m not a baby anymore, but I’m sure the gimmick will click for some.

From my own Facebook page:

  • Megan Bridget Riley Kenney How do you smell the wine??
  • Ken Payton Real men don’t use sippy cups… #justsayin
  • Jeff Stai Place nostril over sippy hole. Sniff. Repeat for other side.
    • Jeff Stai One time I managed to knock a full glass of white wine into my laptop. Miraculously I got it back after 3 days of airing and drying. Considered going to sippy cups at that point…
  • Robin Dohrn-Simpson yes, I’d give it a try
  • Sue Winewench I’d use it.
  • Deb Masselli Clarke Tervis?
  • Monique R Dubois Plastic and wine? Really???
  • Shauna Rosenblum We have some at the winery, lol.
  • Mark Krigbaum Petrochemicals
    • Jo Diaz Mark, they claim: 10 oz capacity. BPA free. Made of SAN acrylic plastic.
    • Mark Krigbaum Yeah … I understand. But it’s still one more petrochemical thing in my life. If it was hemp plastic I’d be more interested.
  • Tina Caputo You could fit a lot more wine in that thing if they got rid of the interior “glass.”
  • Alana Gentry No way. Wine is poetry, beauty, enjoyment, relaxation,…it’s not a beverage. Why suck the romance out of a beautiful wine? Nasty thought. Goes right along with boxed fermented grapes. Ick. Says Girl with A Glass. (Who as you know, travels with her own glass.)
  • Nancy Weil Brown There is a winery tasting room near me that is located in a beautiful mountainous area. It has a huge outdoor space with chairs, tables and umbrellas where you can sit and sip their wines. Unfortunately, I think their wine is undrinkable, but I can stomach the dry rose (missing that accent aigue.) The glasses there are glass and I think the experience would be missing something if they were plastic. It’s already missing decent wine since you can’t bring any other wine into the area.
  • Hector Bedolla That would come in handy where wine glasses are not allowed, such as a concert hall or lecture hall/class room setting, hmm, so many opportunities to sip and swirl!
    • Mark Krigbaum To be honest we use plastic wine glasses for picnics. No problem – but a plastic sippy is just wrong for wine
  • Christian Callec Well, there are many ways to see, feel, smell, taste or just drink wine… Each of them is linked to a special target, from #dummieboozelover to #snobwinelover via #romanticwinelover … I think that this kind of product could be useful for big beach parties or intimate British Queen’s garden parties (about 400 people) filled with some wimpy Liebfraumilch. I don’t see any romantic or snob #winelover using it in normal conditions but whoever likes it, no problem for me. I wouldn’t use it because I drink my wine mostly with the meals (as there were originally meant for, in my humble opinion) and it wouldn’t really match with the rest. Even for pick-nicks, I definitely would prefer bottled wine with a real, simple glass, just for the tactile and temperature effect. But that’s only my own feeling, no one is forced to share it with me. Have a lovely day!
    • Alana Gentry Well said Christian. I use plastic wine glasses (shaped correctly) for screw top rosé at the beach. I like drama in the theatrical sense. I also like a tablecloth and non-plastic utensils. I drink Chianti out of a tumbler, as I experienced it when i lived in Little Italy, SF. of course I pair it with simple Italian food. Jeff, my friend dumped a beer on his Mac in first class which begs the question, would a beer drinker use a sippy cup? (Mac survived…)
    • Jo Diaz Believe it or not, Alana, these guys make a beer glass, too!
    • Alana Gentry Jo, do you think beer drinkers will use it?
    • Jo Diaz No more than wine drinkers, and maybe even less… They love the foam, right?
    • Alana Gentry There’s also something “masculine” non-wimpy, what’s-the-word? about beer. There’s a silent appreciation for the craftsmanship that is a bit akin to wine appreciation. On the other hand I don’t see Bud in the can drinkers using a sippy cup either. Adult beverages sure can be complicated…
  • Kristina Gossman I think it’s a cute novelty item, but as a real wine drinker- I’d rather have the sippy cup without the wine cup inside. Fits more:)

Would I buy a wine sippy cup? Nope, not me. I don’t ever want to find myself sipping wine from a cup that’s taken away my ability to also enjoy the aromas… period.

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