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Wine country time

“It’s wine country time, here they come,” Jose said, as we sipped our Saturday morning coffee at our local Peet’s Coffee house.

Living in Windsor as a suburb to the hubbub of wine country has lots of advantages. Before a couple of hotels were plunked into town, we could even come and go as we pleased, escaping from the brew-ha-ha. When you turn an avocation into a vocation, then you need a little break from the profession. And, in a town with nothing remotely related to wine country, it was so refreshing… Yes, even if it’s from wine country time.  Now, maybe that’s only after the first 20 years, too. I do remember when we arrived, saying to myself, “Please, gods, don’t ever let me take any of this for granted.” I don’t think I’ve done that. I do think, though, that I’m slinking back into being more a private person, who’s a bit frustrated by a few air heads that have arrived in town with the addition of the hotels.

Last night, as we were driving along in Geyserville, three couples all decided to cross the street, but not all at the exact same time. They dribbled it out. This was a busy street we were driving on. Then, each person walked right in front of our moving vehicle, pacing him or herself about 10 feet apart. They all stepped off the curb at 10 second intervals, all missing the crosswalk close by. That would have put them into a protected zone (where they would have had to wait their turn). Instead, they stepped right in front of moving traffic. We had to come to a complete halt, while we had the right of way. Obviously, none of them have seen what I’ve witnessed; four separate pedestrian accidents, where no one made it home for dinner that night… or ever again (a total of seven fatalities).

I’d like to institute a law, revoking the “pedestrians have the right of way” one. Mine would be replaced with, “fumes R’us.” This law would state “whoever is putting out the most gaseous fumes has the right of way.” All anyone would have to do is – as a pedestrian – signal with a hand raised that “fumes R’us” is in motion and take the lead. Otherwise, let cars already in motion stay in motion. And step behind them, not walk out in front of them, to save your own life. What if we had been drunk (not likely), or a bee stung Jose and he became wrapped up in that, or was blinded by the sinking sun…. or…. or…. (name the excuse).

My good ole mom taught me, look both ways before you cross the street; but, wine country time has changed everything…

I remember being in the middle of New York City once, and I was crossing the street as a light was turning. As I was losing the right to be in the cross walk, a cabbie literally tried to run me down. While I’ll never do that one to anyone else, I do wish that people in California didn’t believe they have the right of way, regardless of all else…. like walking right into the middle of a street, while traffic is in motion, and they really don’t have the right of way…

Sigh… wine country musings…

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2 Responses to “Wine country time”

  1. Richard says:

    Bravo, I think? First, the critical – I didn’t know Geyserville was big enough to drive fast in? and while I know there are crosswalks, did not realize they have added the little crosswalk lights? third, not sure I like the “gaseous” suggestion – this would allow any and all politicians the right of way no matter where they were – walking, on a bike, flying – and really! when they’re driving it would have to be “double gaseous” – and then, of course, California would have to pass a law giving them the “double” right of way…

    Now the puzzling: have you noticed that the people who step in front of you walking or simply just strut into the street as a pedestrian and/or on a bicycle, are the same ones who scream, shout, and blow at you when they are in their car and you do the same thing to them?

    Wine Country Time – interesting – think this requires further research and thought – for semi-tourists to wine country like me – I do notice that the locals have a “fume-ometer” or a “fume-O-meter” when driving behind me – when they first get behind me and I’m going the 25mph speed limit, there is the “eye-roll”; then if I don’t pull over and let them pass, there is the “red face”; then, the “steering wheel pound”; then the jam on the gas and get up close; finally there is the horn blow, pass, pound the wheel, red face, flip off, name call as they pass me… nothing in specific to do with your “WCT” just an observation and apologies to the locals who have had to follow me…

  2. Jo Diaz says:

    Richard, I love it! WE were coming to the one and only three-way stop sign, but were not nearly at it yet, when all of them just dribbled out.

    And, yes, I have noticed the EXACT same people… a sense of entitlement swirls around them, for all things in all ways.

    Hysterical: “this would allow any and all politicians the right of way no matter where they were – walking, on a bike, flying – and really! when they’re driving it would have to be ‘double gaseous’ – and then, of course, California would have to pass a law giving them the “double” right of way…” (Good to know that someone can take my sense of candor and humor one step further.)

    And your outsider’s perspective is invaluable… We’ve all got to work hard to live here (those of us who do), so we don’t have that same lallygagging mentality… And, perhaps this is where the clash and “just walking out in front of us” getting it done mostly occurs.

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