American Winery Guide ~ Watching its evolution is a great exercise in how we get from here to there… “Here” being, create the site; and “there” being the creation of an opportunity to the monetizing of it.

Originally set up to connect wine tourists with great wineries across the U.S., wine tourists now rely on’s comprehensive mapping of U.S. wineries, powerful winery search, in-depth winery profiles, editorial and visitor reviews, aggregated wine critic ratings, and links to the Internet’s best wine tourism articles. They use all of these resources to identify their ideal wineries and to create custom wine tasting itineraries.

Now ~ announces that online wine industry advertising is now made easy

Founder Jim Finley: “Travel reservations, banking, wine purchases are all activities that previously required a telephone or a trip down the street. All of these activities can now be conducted online, but online advertising for the wine industry is largely stuck in the pre-Internet age.”

Well, you won’t get any argument from me. I just wrote something similar about this, while reviewing Bruce McGechan‘s new book, Wine Marketing Online ~ How to use the newest tools of marketing to boost profits and build brands. ” I wrote, from a 20 year observation: “It has been said by many, including me, that the wine industry is light years behind other industries when it comes to understanding marketing. It’s safe to say that the wine business, being an agricultural industry, has more people ready to study enology and viticulture than it does people studying how to sell wine.” is seeking to remedy this situation with the release of their self-service, guaranteed placement, topic-and location-targeted advertising system. Twenty-four hours a day, business owners can browse advertising opportunities – to include specific ad placement, price, and page views – on state and wine-region pages across the United States. After identifying advertising opportunities, business owners can use their own ad or upload a photo to quickly create a new ad using’s ad creation tool.

According to co-founder Tim Donahoe, “Online advertising can be expensive, frustrating, time-consuming, and less-than-transparent. It also can involve a number of technical hurdles. We’ve built our ad system to minimize these obstacles and make it simple for wine tourism-related businesses of every size to reach their ideal audience. The ability to create an ad in as few as ten minutes, with as little as $5 per month, provides all businesses, especially small and medium businesses, an easy and affordable solution for promoting their business online.”

American Winery Guide also provides a free profile page for every U.S. winery. The winery search and in-depth profile page helps wine tourists find and learn about wineries across the country. To further promote connections between wine tourists and wineries, American Winery Guide also offers enhanced profiles.

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