Let’s see…  White Wine And Wine Gadgets For Father’s Day…

I’m going to start with a 2012 Simi Sauvignon Blanc just for the fun of it, because we need a white for one of the gadgets.

  • Simi Winery was one of the very first wineries that I visited 20 years ago, when Jose and I moved to California. I also followed up with Simi when I was writing my winery cat story for The Wine News. They had a litter of feral cats, very much wild and skittish at the time. I’m betting that in time these cats became more tame, as humans fed and interacted with them… But, when I arrived I was lucky they didn’t simply run away and hide until I’d left. I was really impressed with Simi, because not every winery that I visited had cats… Some were dog lovers, some were too sterile to even consider a critter of any kind. Simi not only was taking care of these cats, but they just weren’t theirs. They could have not fed them and let them make it on their own… But, they didn’t. That’s a gold star in my book.
  • The wine… Sonoma County is the appellation for this wine. Alcohol is 13.5, with a great balance and tasty acidity. Harvested from two distinct climates in Sonoma County, one warmer and the other cooler, this wine has the best of both worlds: tropical fruit flavors from the warmer region with herb and tart acidity from the cooler region.
  • For this reason, it has that Three Claw Factor ~ Highly recommended. Three Claws = Perfect SB, as in “I’m having a sweet and sour chicken stirfry for dinner, and this 2012 Sauvignon Blanc from Simi is rocking my palate with it’s juicy and tart grapefruit flavors. Yes!”

Okay, now I’ve opened the bottle, and know that we’ll be having a second glass of this sumptuous wine. So, how can we keep this chilled on the table without bringing it back to the refrigerator?

I have a perfect gadget for any wine geek Dad. And he’ll really like this one, because he won’t have to get up and down during dinner; but, he’ll still have the Simi Sauvignon Blanc perfectly chilled.

  • It’s called the HOST CHILL Cooling Pour Spout from True Fabrications. This is one of four brand new products by HOST. This versatile tool really does it all. Simply pour your first glass of wine, insert the cooling pour spout into the bottle, and enjoy perfectly chilled wine. It’s that easy! After just two hours in the freezer, the CHILL is ready to do the hard work for you. The built-in, drip-free pour spout and silicone stopper ensure that this product will be a must-have staple for your bar.

With this one, I’d say watch this quick video. It took me time to figure out this magic wand, but once I saw the video, I knew just what to do and so will you (and Dad, too).

CHILL Cooling Pour Spout from True Fabrications on Vimeo.


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