Oak Knoll Winery’s Annual Wine label art contest for Portland Oregon’s Annual Rose Festival was unveiled on April 25 in downtown Portland.

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a community to sponsor an annual festival that fosters complete pride by all members of its neighborhood. This is what the Portland Rose Festival has become, and Oak Knoll Winery continues as “the people’s favorite” winery in the Portland area. Once again, Oak Knoll is delighted to be the festival’s one-and-only wine sponsor.

In 1970, Ronald and Marjorie Vuylsteke became pioneers of Oregon wine making by founding the first winery in Washington County, when there were only a few vineyards and a handful of wineries in Oregon.

The alliance between The Rose Festival and Oak Knoll is one of mutual agreement, understanding, and commitment to serving Portland. In 1987, Ron and Marjorie Vuylsteke initiated an art scholarship program that would be given to an Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC) student through a label art contest. In order to encourage and foster art within the Portland community, this recognition brings awareness to young artists at the Oregon College of Art and Craft, and also greatly benefits the winning student. Once the rendering’s been chosen, the student then goes through the entire wine label production process from working with the designers, through all press checks, to seeing his or her final work on the wine bottles.

Jason Berlin (a student at the Oregon College of Art and Craft) received a scholarship, as the winner of the annual Oak Knoll Wine competition for 2013, by designing the collector’s series label. Oak Knoll’s limited edition wine is available while supplies last at Oak Knoll Winery, select Safeway and Made In Oregon stores. To purchase other official 2013 merchandise, visit the Portland Rose Festival Foundation office, or the Rose Garden Store.

This year’s label is unique, in that it doesn’t have the traditional rose on the label, that everyone has come to expect. Jason’s label has a complete back story:

My inspiration for the wine label for Oak Knoll Winery and the Rose Festival 2013 theme of “Portland’s Party,” was to capture the spirit of great entertainment, wonderful food, superb wine, and the fun, vibrant night life, and the do-it-yourself characters that make Portland, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest such a great place to live.

I thought about my own family’s history and that of my grandfather who liked to go out, drink, and be the life of the party.

To make the artwork I started with a wood panel substrate and added a layer of acrylic paint. Letting this dry, I added a layer of limestone clay and repeated this process two to four times building up layers. I sanded down the layers after each application, revealing what was beneath. Next I used an image of my grandfather and Xerox transferred it onto the artwork. I then did selective sanding and added acrylic, watercolor, and colored pencil. I finished the piece with oil paint and a layer of cold wax medium, as this protects the artwork and adds a final pop to the colors.”

This year’s Rose Festival is celebrating events from May 19 until June 16, 2013.


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