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House Band Wines 375ml Flex Pouch ~ Juice boxes grow up with the kids

House Band Wines 375ml Flex Pouch is going to make its debut in Memphis during May’s 37th Annual Beale Street Music Festival this coming May 3 though May 5, 2013.   

If you think the millennial demographic isn’t coming on strong… think again.  Juice boxes grow up with the kids, as evidenced by this image. I say, good for them.

Anyone else out there remember the days when we filled a leather pouch with wine and went off to music in the parks? Yeah… it’s like that. Although this time, the flavors will be better and more evolved.


  • Single-Serve pouch is an excellent solution to selling and enjoying quality California wine at major festivals and other activities where glass is banned… Like around the pool, people…
  • At 94 percent liquid and six percent packaging, flex pouch has approximately 75 to 80 percent lower carbon footprint than standard 9-liter case of glass-bottled wine.

 From their release:

House Band Wines will make its debut at Memphis In May’s Beale Street Music Festival May 3rd to 5th with its 375ml single-serve flex wine pouch. Since introducing its California Chardonnay and Merlot in the go-anywhere packaging that hang hands-free from lanyards at SXSW in 2012, the upstart brand has made festival and conference stops at Wakarusa, Outside Lands, Rootstock, Cutting Edge Music Festival, MUSEXPO, IMFCON, Snow Globe, The High Desert Music Festival, San Francisco Vintners Market and more. Originally created for music festivals, backpackers, beachgoers, boaters, skiers and poolside resorts have become avid fans.

“We’re honored that our 375 flex pouches have been selected to be featured at the Beale Street Music Festival,” said winemaker Patrick Krutz, founder of House Band Wines. “Vendors are excited about the pouch because glass safety issues are eliminated, service is expedited, and inventory control is vastly improved. For the wine lover, our wines are sourced from California vineyards and truly well made. With our re-sealable flex pouch, there’s no more negotiating festival crowds with wine sloshing and spilling out of plastic tumblers.”

I’m liking this innovation…. How about you?



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6 Responses to “House Band Wines 375ml Flex Pouch ~ Juice boxes grow up with the kids”

  1. Joel Quigley says:

    Thanks for the good word, Jo! It’s amazing the reaction we get at events and festivals. The majority of people have zero issues with the packaging. We literally will have people effusively thanking us and sometimes outright hugging us. In fact, the overwhelming comment we get from millennials: “It’s about *expletive* time.”

  2. Jo Diaz says:

    It is about time, Joel… Who wants to have crystal at an outside event (#snob), and drinking from plastic seems so unnatural?

    This is a fun alternative. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kurt Burris says:

    Maybe some of us put better wine in our bota bags. I snagged some pretty good bottles from my Dad’s cellar to fill mine. The only problem I see with this packaging is that I still prefer to drink out of a “glass”. It doesn’t have to be a glass “glass”, but I want something nicer than getting no nose by drinking out of the pouch.

  4. david says:

    put me on your email list

  5. Gary Low says:

    As an everyday drinker, I do agree that glass bottles are extremely wasteful, and wine glasses are unwieldy to bring out for picnics! I’ve used plastic “wine glasses” before, but it isn’t the same.. and it almost always topples over.

    Hopefully, I’ll see something like that in Singapore soon! 🙂

  6. Jo Diaz says:

    I have, David. Thanks for asking.

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