It’s so great to see Robert Parker Bob-bob-bobbing along. (Whew!)

In early February I had to ask the question, “How important is the Wine Advocate Now,” because it had become a moving target with so many structural changes. Everyone in my profession was talking about this behind the scenes. “Where’s it all going and where do we send samples?” Everyone not only wanted to know, but we needed to know… But, it wasn’t time for that, because structural changes all leave us in turmoil.

So, I finally called the office in Maryland and asked for help… The suspense was torture. I was told in mid march that an announcement would be coming in early April. So, I’ve been waiting. Today, the promise has been kept; and as it turns out for those of us in Northern California’s North Coast appellations, we’re still covered by Bob. (Great news on our end.)

I’m so pleased to see that the challenges were met, and now we’ve all got specific direction.

Via MarketWire: The Wine Advocate & Announce Expanded Wine Coverage With More Tasting Notes & In-Depth Reporting.

“Robert Parker Resumes Northern California; First of Three New Reviewers Unveiled”

QUOTING THE PRESS RELEASE: Spring is in the air, and the world’s finest guides to wine — The Wine Advocate and — are budding with exciting announcements that will provide subscribers with even more in-depth tasting notes and wine scores from the most trusted brand in wine. Announcements include the unveiling of the first of three new reviewers, new coverage regions for the entire team, an updated editorial calendar, and a first look at a new app launching early next month.

How do you spell relief, boys and girls? “B-o-b-‘-s   b-a-c-k.”

For those of you who need it, The Wine Advocate’s editorial calendar.

The cast of characters:

  • Robert Parker: Northern California, Bordeaux, California Retrospectives, Bordeaux Retrospectives, Value Wines
  • Neil Martin: Burgundy’s Cote d’Or, Macon, Beaujolais, Sauternes, South Africa, Port, Madeira & Banyuls
  • David Schildknecht: Annual reports on Germany, Champagne, Chablis, Austria, Oregon and Corsica, reports every 2-3 years on Languedoc/Roussillon, Loire, Alsace, Savoie, Jura, Switzerland, New York/Eastern USA
  • Mark Squires: Portugal, Israel, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria
  • Lisa Perrotti-Brown: Australia, New Zealand
  • Still to be announced:
    • One assignment: Italy
    • Another assignment: Spain, Chile & Argentina

Congratulations to the team. We’re all looking forward to smooth sailing from this point forward, and happy to put the uncertainty behind us.

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