Last year, as a member of a female wine writers and bloggers group, when the Wine Blog Awards’ nomination process was opened, I heard some rumblings about how women just weren’t getting a voice in the nomination process.  I’m one of those people who tends to “worry about the things I can change,” so I spoke up.

“We’re about 100 strong. Instead of debating about right or wrong, let’s mobilize. Let’s start nominating each other.”

And we did… Oh how we did. Not only were we strong in the nominating department, but we were also strong in the voting department.

To our wondrous surprise (sorta) not only were there many women writers nominated, but there were also some lovely winners among our group. Every vote counts… for both men and women, so if you’ve got a favorite wine writer and/or blogger, please join the process.

From the Wine Blog Awards site:

Wine Blog Award Consideration

This form is for submissions for judges to nominate as the finalists. Your submissions in each category will be carefully reviewed by the WBA judges and a list of finalists will be created from the final list of public submissions. If you would like your favorite blog to be considered for a Wine Blog Award simply fill out the form with a valid URL and suggest a category that it should win. The form and submission process will close and the judges will begin choosing the finalists in early APRIL 2013 so please make your suggestions TODAY!

Last year, I also became a judge, so I got to see many of the sites for consideration. Since I was also nominated for the Best Industry Wine Blog… an award I’ll never win, because I’m busy writing a journal about a wine industry publicist and I can be a bit off the wall, and not about facts and figures… I still didn’t judge that area. If I’m known for anything, I’d prefer to be nominated for my videos that Jose and I produce about winemakers and why they do what they do… My video page has now become a real resource for winemaking information; as well as visits to wineries and the life style that goes with it.

Meanwhile, won’t you please nominate your favorite person?

Each year the Wine Blog Awards are held to honor and celebrate the best in wine blogging. To nominate a blog in one of nine different categories, visit the award’s Submit Your Favorite page. Nominations are open through Sunday, March 31st.


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