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19th Annual Pacific Coast Oysterwine Competition Seeks 10 Best West Coast Wines for Oysters

Personally, I believe that an Oregon Pinot Gris is the perfect match for this one… But then, I’m somewhat connected and invested in Oregon Pinot Gris’ success. Still, I don’t get myself involved if I don’t believe in the product in the first place. If I advocate for it, it’s because I love it… So, Oregon Pinot Gris. Let’s see how it all comes out.

Here are the details… You’ve got until Friday to submit your wines, and let’s see how many of the Top 10 will be Oregon Pinot Gris!


The 2013 Pacific Coast Oyster Wine Competition is underway! California, Idaho, Oregon and Washington wineries are invited to submit entries for this popular annual dating service for West Coast oysters and wines.

Typically “oyster wines” are dry, crisp, clean-finishing white wines. Judges include food and wine writers, restaurateurs, retailers, oyster growers and other oyster-loving individuals without winery affiliations. The Competition, organized by founder Jon Rowley, Jon Rowley & Associates of Seattle, and sponsored by Taylor Shellfish Farms of Shelton, Washington, will select ten equal winners for the prestigious 2013 “Oyster Award”. For entry information visit www.oysterwine.com.

Oysters on the half shell are one of the fastest growing restaurant trends. “Oyster Award” winning wineries enjoy immediate sales results. Restaurants serving oysters use “Oyster Award” wines on wine lists, regular by-the-glass programs and special oyster bar features.

Wines are judged blind, each with a Kumamoto oyster. Judges rank what we call the “bliss factor”, the wine’s affinity for the oyster. Deadline for entries is 6:00 pm, Friday March 22. Preliminary Judging will take place in Seattle March 25-April 1. Five veteran preliminary judges will select 20 wines for the Final Judgings which will be held April 23 in Los Angeles at Water Grill, April 24 in San Francisco location TBD and April 25 in Seattle at Anthony’s Home Port at Shilshole Bay with a panel of 12 judges in each venue. Scores in the three cities are combined to select the 2013 “Oyster Award” winners.

There is something about oysters! For 2000 years writers have tirelessly boosted the oyster’s lusty reputation and they continue to do so. In addition to being a fun and truly unique food experience…we consume them alive with their primal oceanic essences. There aren’t many wines that pair well with oysters but when one clicks…bingo! It’s a beautiful thing. With oysters on the half shell growing in popularity, “oyster wines” are an exciting new wine category.

Taylor Shellfish Farms is a fifth generation family-owned company producing Manila clams, Mediterranean mussels, geoduck and oysters for national and international markets. For information on Taylor Shellfish Farms visit www.taylorshellfish.com.

“Oysters are a celebration…romantic, sexy, luminous…The right wine makes them even more so.” —Sheila Lukins


4 Responses to “19th Annual Pacific Coast Oysterwine Competition Seeks 10 Best West Coast Wines for Oysters”

  1. Hmmm, I know you love OR Pinot Gris (I love the better made ones too.)
    Call me biased, but I think the Two Shepherds Grenache Blanc simply is a crusher for oysters with its texture, acidity and mouthfeel….now to see if I can spare two of the dwindling bottles and the (owch) $100 fee.

  2. Jo Diaz says:

    Good luck with it… You have a great opportunity, too…

  3. Now this is the contest I’d like to judge! Yum! Trying out various wines with oysters is a passion of mine! I look forward to the results!

  4. Jo Diaz says:

    I can see you loving this one… my fish friend!

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