I’ve not written on my blog for the past 10 days. I’ve been to the depths of Hades and back with a cold, too weak to even get off the couch. I refused to stay in bed, because we’ve got better cable in the living room. I feel upon Downton Abbey, and began the journey from Series One, Episode One, to Series Three, Episode Seven. I’m still very troubled that we’ve lost Sybil… It became that real to me… My coughing, loss of appetite and the loss of dear, sweet Sybil, as my taste buds and sense of smell have slowly returned to me.

So, last night I got really brave. It feels like it’s been since 2012 since I’ve had a drop of wine, but really, it’s been since Thursday, February 28… That’s when it all came on.

  • I worked on Dark & Delicious since October 2012
  • The event happened on Friday, February 22
  • I had a lovely family party on Saturday, February 23
  • Left for Monterey on Sunday, February 24
  • Ran like the wind from Sunday to Wednesday, February 28….

…And, as we began to leave Monterey at noon, I told Jose that I was developing a dry throat.

S-u-p-e-r    C-o-l-d

Walking pneumonia was suggested to me, and I’d say that I have about 90 percent of the symptoms, so I’m not totally convinced that it’s pneumonia… I’m more convinced that what I reported on in the 1980s has come to fruition: i.e., that Europeans were using so many antibiotics that they were going to be creating super viruses. Couple that with all of the idiotic farmers who are giving their livestock and chickens antibiotics (instead of clean living conditions), and our bodies – those of us eating only organics – are not completely built up for a super virus, until we fight it off. So… that’s where I’ve been, unable to write…

Last night, since I’m feeling a little better, I decided to trip the light fandango and have a bit of white wine. All I’ve had since February 28 is water and herbal teas. surely a touch of wine wasn’t going to affect me.

Yeah… right. For all the progress i had made for getting better, it didn’t take very long before I began to feel like poop again. This morning, I’ve got my progress back, and somewhere in the middle of the night i realized, I made my white blood cells drunk, and they couldn’t fright off all of the cold germs, returning me to a state of fragility. So, I looked it up… drinking with with a super cold....

From Mail OnLine – Health: Doctors have discovered that drinking a moderate amount can help develop a kind of immunity against the 200 viruses that trigger the ailment.

So, that’s great, but I’ve already GOT the cold.

From Wine Spectator: The Mayo Clinic recommends avoiding alcohol when one has a cold, because alcohol can contribute to dehydration. The good news, though, is that wine drinkers may be less likely to come down with colds. A Spanish study showed that participants who drank eight to 14 glasses of wine a week were half as likely to develop a cold than those who drank beer, spirits or not at all.

Well, the little bit I had, compared to all of the water and tea I was drinking was NOT going to dehydrate me… I’m on my way, but not completely there, yet.

Next…. the warning: From Quanta Gaia:

Drink lots of water, natural fruit juices, or vegetable juices. Adding 5-15 drops of liquid GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) 2-3 times a day to your juice will have an immune system boosting effect.* Avoid soft drinks, alcohol, coffee and caffeine. You should try to drink at least 8oz of non-chlorinated water each hour. Try to drink continuously throughout the day. Water is essential to help your body fight illness; your immune system cannot function properly without adequate quantities of water. It will also combat dehydration. Dehydration, in severe cases, can be fatal. Drinking adequate amounts of water will also help to abate cold and flu related headaches.

I found everything I ne4eded about pre and during, but what about drunk white blood cells?

It helps to have a friends who’s a biochemist. I put my theory to Dr. Sondra Barrett:

Question for your scientific mind: Hypothesis… Drunk white blood cells

Hi, Sondra,

Do you think that if you have a really bad cold and you try to have a four ounce glass of wine, you could cause your white blood cells to become inebriated?

I’ve been really sick since Feb. 28.Last night I tried my first wine. I was beginning to feel a bit better, the sense of smell is lightly returning to me, and I decided to have a bit of wine… because I’m so sick of water and tea.

After about two ounces, I began to feel like I had at the first outset of the cold… feeling like my white blood cells were debilitated… drunk… and couldn’t fight the good fight they’d been doing for me.

Do you think this is possible?



Dear Jo,

I don’t think WBC get inebriated, but they could be exhausted from trying to get rid of toxins from infection … Over ally sensitive when off any substance for awhile.

Maybe your cells need to make more alcohol dehydrogenase .. The stuff that breaks down alcohol.

 That might be it, the way I almost collapsed…..

* NutriBiotic makes a liquid concentrate GSE containing CITRICIDAL,® a formulation which has been endorsed by Dr. Julian Whitaker, Dr. David Williams and others. GSE comes from the seed of grapefruits, as well as the white pulp next to the skin. NutriBiotic’s formula comes from organically grown grapefruit.
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