I don’t believe that in any other industry it’s permissible to just show up without a ticket and expect to be let into a venue… a sporting event, a concert, a movie, a club that sells tickets?

I may be wrong, and I’d love to know what other event invites such funny behavior… Bring it on, friends, who also are responsible for putting on events, and/or work the door….

Why is it then expected at a wine event? Perhaps those trying to “get in” are so used to going to tasting rooms that still remain “free for all,” has something to do with it? I just don’t know, but it’s worth sharing the back copy, because it’s so funny, after the initial shock wears off.

Dark & Delicious is a breeding ground for the best excuses, I’m betting.

Surely You Jester

This is a person who works for a tasting room, and because he’s advocated for the event all week (which is his marketing job as a tasting room employee), he now thinks a business card is his ticket to ride.

Not having ever (obviously) put on an event, Mr. Jester, you don’t realize that every event is always very close to its margins, and glasses seem to be the one area of greatest concern “Did I order enough?” You ask yourself all night, as you watch the pile dwindle, but you KNOW you ordered enough… Where do these extras come from?

Imagine for a moment, sir, that with 55 wineries and 35 foodies – two people per each company are allowed to work the table. Those 180 glasses are accounted for. Now imagine if each company has two extra people show up, just because… That’s another 180 extra glasses for more people demanding entry… (Oh, yeah, he demanded…)

Nobody, who plans for 800 people, is going to have another 180 extra glasses just hanging around… Seriously…

Mr. Incredulous…

[Q] Who do I have to talk to?

[A] Ah, you’re talking to him.

Mr. Ridiculous…

[Q]  Are there any other ways in here?

[A]  Yeah. Get lots of rope, climb the roof, find a secure place to harness your rope, then find hole and lower yourself in. No one will notice.

Take My Wife…

“My friends are in there somewhere with my ticket…”

And the reason they didn’t wait for you? The reason you didn’t call them to touch base? The reason you didn’t connect beforehand to meet at a certain place at a certain time?

One guy offered to leave his driver’s license with Jose, until he found his friends. I told Jose, “Next time, take his wife.”

Flip Side…

“My friends aren’t here yet, and they’ve got my ticket. They sent me a picture of the ticket. Here, look,” showing his cell phone.

Ah, yeah, I can really read that barcode… not.

You go, Girlfriend!

“I’m here with fill-in-the-blank…”

If you’re really here with fill-in-the-blank, why can’t we see her?

Backdoor behavior


Imagine actually reading on Facebook… I’ll sneak you in the back. Shh! Don’t tell anyone!”

Okay, I read it…

False Inference Dodge…

They’re the same at every wine event…

We’ve had to place guards at every single entrance/exit, because they come in from everywhere. God only knows how they’ve scoped it out and try to manage the sleaze. When you tell them it’s a private event that needs tickets, they get all bent out of shape and abusive, like we’re the one with no manners. Usually saying something like, “I didn’t really want to come to your event, anyway?” Oh yeah, why are you here, then?



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