I entered a contest, “Why are you the right blogger (or writer) for this Chilean culinary adventure?”

Chile… one of my New Year’s resolution.  I felt like this was the year for Chile at the end of December, so I proclaimed it to myself. That’s exactly how I quit smoking back in 1972. I proclaimed and followed through.

I wonder if this will be one of those moments in life, too… One of those really rare opportunities that will redefine who I am, what I do, and how it’s done.

Yesterday the word came,

Congratulations! You’re a Finalist!

Just one more step & you could be on your way to taking a foodie dream-trip of a lifetime with Foods From Chile!

In order to be considered by the judges to win a trip to Chile, you must submit a 30-second to 1-minute long video that answers the question “Why are you the right blogger (or writer) for this Chilean culinary adventure?” by NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 20th at 5:00pm EST.

Okay, piece of cake. I got the notice on Monday the 18th, today’s Tuesday the 19th, it’s due on Wednesday the 20th – tomorrow, and the winner will be notified between the 22nd and the 25th.

It’s happening fast… right now… Perhaps it feels really fast, because I’m also finalizing Dark & Delicious, my annual wine and food event. I’ve told friends what it’s like to plan this annual party I’ve created, as part of marketing Petite Sirah. When I tell them that I’m busy and going to seem to be ignoring them for a couple of weeks, they’ve just got to know why I’m so distracted.

I tell them, “Imagine planning a wedding for about 900 to 1,000 people. You’ve got 55 wineries and 35 restaurants to place around a 200,000 square foot air plane hanger.. You’ve got everything to do, from invites, to sales, PR and marketing, and it’s all just grass routes. I can’t forget the silent auction. That takes a week of throwing my heart and soul into every single detail of it.

And… Judging for the Foods of Chile is happening this Friday, February 22nd. Well, I know we’re all going to be very busy.

Meanwhile, I’ve got friends coming from all over the United States, because they love this party called Dark & Delicious. Dark wines and Delicious foods are prepared in this old Naval Air Plane Hanger… Image, the flower people have taken over what was created for World War II for weapons of destruction.

Petite Sirah is such a cult wine, it attracts a really interesting group of people. For a night, we all get captivated by the spirit of Petite Sirah and have a grand party. I never dreamed of putting on a party for 1,000 people, when I was a kid… but I did organize the neighborhood, and then produced the Girl Scout Day Camp for years. Now, it’s Dark & Delicious. I can somehow get people to come together to have a great time, and I love that. I just never imagined this many people and support to pull it all off. It’s so amazing.

Focus… Lots to do.

Jose and I worked in between everything on Monday:

  • I wrote my thoughts as a script (while printing some floor plans for D&D).
  • Practiced, and practiced some more.
  • Set up the filming.
  • Got Jose to help film what I wanted to say.
  • Takes and re-takes, laughs and flubs.
  • We finally got it.

Then, I got up this morning (Tuesday), and wanted to do it again. It was because of something that Jose had said to me the night before. I slept on, he was right, I should have even thought of it myself, but I was too subjective. His objectivity brought me to center

Foods of Chile…

How I long to visit a land so far away

So foreign, yet so accustomed.

My trips with Jose to his homeland have taught me new culture…

The foods of Puerto Rico are so flavorful and delicious

My first plantains made me realize how I would have loved them as a child…

Hooked on fried bananas. Today with olive oil, Himalayan salt and pepper, and a schmidge of curry.

I can’t wait for our Puerto Rican vacation coming up.

I’ll be getting some Sofito sauce, and having breakfast potatoes again, with some black beans, too.

So Chile, what wonders and delights do you hold?

I yearn to be in a place where organic food is what it always used to be around here… organic…

Not a movement by citizens who know that their foods have strayed from the farm.

Today I saw some blueberries being offered on the Foods From Chile Facebook page:

It read, Blueberries are some of the healthiest fruits you can eat, thanks to an abundance of antioxidants.

And… Sharing with the world truly wholesome food from Chile, the country where the land and pristine waters are alive and fertile.

Favorite, blueberries, and my most favorite way to spend time, when I can’t be in my garden, wholesome food, lovely land and pristine waters that are alive and fertile… If that doesn’t get the old story telling juices flowing, then you’re not a story teller.

Will I get similar food memories from Chile, like I did with my Maine Blueberries?

Only time will tell, my friends… I must move forward. I’ve got a party to put on as I yearn for the Southern Hemisphere.

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