How important is the Wine Advocate to a wine publicist now?

Very, as it turns out!

Update on April 3, 2013: Editorial Calendar and who’s reviewing what…

I asked the question below and also called the office for advice. I was told an announcement was forthcoming. The announcement has arrived and we’re back on track.


How important is the Wine Advocate to a wine publicist now?

I can’t help but ask myself this question.

Antonio Galloni, whom I Emailed just yesterday, has left the Wine Advocate.

HEADLINE: A New Web Venture for Antonio Galloni, 

Written in the New York Time, by Eric Asimov

What are we all to do?

Is it worth it to track down the next successor?

I’m just getting used to the junior writer wine lab, and poof…

Turn another page.


Having just been purchased by a company in Shanghi

Who’s really now running the show?


Looks like we’re all now going to have to watch a reality wine icon dismantle…

Before it’s next incarnation…

How important is the Wine Advocate to anyone right now?


12 Responses to “How important is the Wine Advocate to a wine publicist now?”

  1. Kevin says:

    I think the only one who profitted from this was Mr Parker..Im sure he laughed all the way to the bank..
    He got out when the getting was good..he must have seen this coming..

  2. Jo Diaz says:

    You may be right, Kevin.

  3. Eduart says:

    As you say kevin, of course He knows that It was coming.

  4. Jon Bjork says:

    Building on some remarks by Randall Grahm on the latest http://PunchDownWineShow.com, perhaps as the power of remaining wine reviewers lessens, winemakers will feel less need to please the select few, and thereby gain confidence in their own winemaking choices.

  5. Jo Diaz says:

    Jon, I’ve been watching the diluting of Parker, not seeing him selling The Wine Advocate until it happened, and it’s just coming apart at the seams, from my armchair view. I can’t keep up, and don’t even know what to do next, anymore…

  6. Jon Bjork says:

    I like wine reviewers as I like anyone willing to give my wine a try. That’s why I’d be willing to send out samples. But it certainly feels like throwing spaghetti on the ceiling to see what sticks.

  7. Andy Perdue says:


    Certainly to wine insiders, the selling of the Advocate and the seeming revolving door of reviewers there make a difference.

    But I would question how much it really matters when it comes to selling a bottle of wine.

    Parker has not reviewed a Washington or Oregon wine in ages because of the conflict of interest he has with Beaux Freres. Yet when Rovani and Miller gave perfect scores to Quilceda Creek and high scores to others up here, what the general public heard was “Parker scored (xx winery) a 97.”

    The American public knows who Parker is, thanks to his prowess, fame and longevity. They don’t necessarily know or care that WA is now owned by an Asian company or that he doesn’t personally taste every wine that goes in the publication.

    I suspect it will take years and billions of bottles of wine sold before Parker’s reach and power truly diminish to the point where Jo(e) Consumer actually cares.

  8. Tom Ward says:

    Great fun playing the conjecture game, further muddied by Galloni announcement. Would be nice however if people got facts right in that Parker took on an investor, did not “sell the company”.

  9. Jo Diaz says:

    Thanks for the edit, Tom.

  10. Jo Diaz says:

    From a story written by Lettie Teague in the Wall Street Journal:

    …The moves in part reflect Asia’s rise as a prime consumer of wine and other luxury goods. Mr. Parker said he is selling a “substantial interest” in the Wine Advocate to a trio of Singapore-based investors who will take over its day-to-day financial operations

    The company’s headquarters, an office just down the driveway from Mr. Parker’s home in Maryland farm country, is also moving to Singapore.

    …Mr. Parker, who will become chairman of the new company and will continue to review the wines of Bordeaux and the Rhone for the newsletter.

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