¡Ole, Chile! I’ve been turned onto a whole new love of foods, through the flavors of Chile’s bounty. This isn’t easy to do, for a finicky foodie; but it does prove that Chile has the best foods on Planet Earth.

As a wine writer, who’s also a wine publicist, I have to taste a lot of wines and the foods that accompany those wines. This is done for not only my clients and their print material, but also for my wine blog as food and wine recommendations.

Being very selective about the foods that I enjoy would seem that going to a foreign country could be very difficult, when it comes to ordering new foods. With Chile, that was quite the opposite. Chilean foods filled me with awe, and gave me enough inspiration and insight to appreciatively write about Chile’s foods and her people, for the rest of my life.  ¡Ole, Chile!

***This is the blog post that I’ll be finishing, once my trip to Chile is underway!