Six Week Wine Expert

Created by Master Sommelier Catherine Fallis, the Six Week Wine Expert is a web-based wine education program for both personal and professional enrichment. Designed so that you can go at your own pace (whether in six weeks, six days, or even six months), you can use whatever personal devices serves you best for this wine education opportunity.

Catherine says, “This program will help you navigate the world of wine, from selecting and serving to sharing and enjoying. With all the basics, valuable tips, and advice from grape goddess®, you’ll be showing off your new skills in no time. With laughter, relaxation, and plenty of Sensual Experience Exercises, we’ll tap into and unleash your wealth of senses, and with Check Your Success quizzes, you’ll be able to easily track your progress and new mastery, and earn your Certificate of Completion. A valuable resource for now, and for years to come, we hope you enjoy this program. US $99 includes over 730 slides with audio and visual, exercises, quizzes, and a Certificate of Completion. Feel free to reach us at”

I’ve personally marveled at those people who become Master Sommeliers, because they not only have to be able to identify Vitis from all over the world, but they’ve also got to know the spirits world really well, too… And cigars… (Sorry, tobacco was my father’s death, so I can’t even go there). Their knowledge is broad and sweeping, with advance course studies. They’re ever so devoted to the passion, and are simply remarkable to me.

I began my wine career the same year Catherine Fallis did, in 1993… Here we are 20 years later, and have both been very busy.

Catherine Fallis MS, ACWP (Advanced Certified Wine Professional) of Planet Grape, the grape goddess®, is one of those people whom I greatly admire. I was reminded of that when she asked for my endorsement on LinkedIn. What a no-brainer… are you kidding me?!

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and you’re in need of a wine educator, speaker, or MC, contact Catherine. She has a great command of her subject matter and her audiences adore her. (It’s probably her mesmerizing green eyes…) Also, she’s now got a litany of books that she written.

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