Sitting in a meeting with Ron Rubin, who owns both The Republic of Tea and River Road Family Vineyards and Winery, regardless of the subject, tea is always part of his initial hospitality. Who better to present delicious teas, honestly, than the man who’s been around the globe to hand select the best quality leaves? For Ron, it’s not only the finest teas, but it’s also the classiest presentation. The first time we had tea with Ron, I was looking for the geisha to come out from around the corner… it’s that traditional of a presentation. The tea pot and the tea cups caught my eye immediately. We were enjoying tea in these adorable glass tea globes… I loved them, but hadn’t looked up the quality yet.

From The Republic of Tea’s site: “Within the double walls of these lightweight glass cups, tea appears to float. More than merely an artful touch, the design insulates and eliminates condensation (and the need for coasters), making these glasses among the most pleasant and practical to use for hot or iced tea.”

I’ve got a house full of good glass, from all the major wine glass producers; but, what I’ve found from my morning cappuccino vessel has just become my absolute favorite glass… The stem is gone, and there’s something comforting in that. The innovation, for me, isn’t so much the globe shape…that’s been done well by others, too. What hasn’t been done by others, though, is a “glass within a glass” construction. This is what’s rocking my world.

This glass is made for hot or cold beverages, with the benefit of keeping the temperature of the beverage what it is as it enters the glass, for quite a while. So, now imagine a slightly chilled white wine… and that wine is going to pretty much hold its temperature as you enjoy your favorite… name the variety. A continually chilled Oregon Pinot Gris, for instance, stays very cool for the length of time that you’re enjoying it… unless you enjoy a glass of wine over an hour’s time.

Because your hand doesn’t come in contact with the glass that’s holding your wine, you don’t inadvertently bring down the nice chill of your beverage. That, for me, is a huge advantage.

Now, how about that red? Same things apply. It holds the wine really well, the large opening at the top still allows for swirling and doing the nose, while your hands aren’t warming your red. A 55 degree red has lots of advantages, and this glass is simply a natural…

I now know that both of these glasses are made by Bodum, a company owned by Jørgen Bodum, which was started in 1944, after the war. Check out the site for their full range of products… They’ve launched amazing products, and I personally feel that these glasses, if they were to become a line of wine glasses, would revolutionize the way we enjoy white wine.

I’ve already bought four coffee glasses, because they’re so perfect. I’m using them for everything wet, and I don’t see stopping this run any time soon… wine, coffee, tea… It’s all encompassing.

What a great gift, too.

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