I thought I’d discover the Rosés of Petite Sirah that exist, so I sent a query letter to my PSILY members. They’re such an easy resource for me, when it’s time to write about anything. One Email goes out to about 100 people. There’s nothing much easier than that, right?

Even if they don’t make a Rosés of Petite Sirah they still have great counsel… Martha Barra (Barra of Mendocino) wrote to me, “We don’t make one from Petite Sirah, but this is a great idea for a blog, Jo.” (I agree.)

I’ve tasted them sporadically, and each time I remember thinking, “This wine is delicious.” Petite Sirah, I’ve come to learn, makes a great Rosé wine. In the past I’ve written about Petite Sirahs to enjoy during the holidays, especially if wild game is going to make it to your table. This year, I decided to take another approach… Rosés for the Holidaze.

You have to expect with Rosés of Petite Sirah to be ready to experience full-bodied wines with deep color and flavors, but not the tannins.

Field Stone Winery ~ This was the one that originally sparked my interest. The John Staten family sent their Rosés of Petite Sirah to me, simply as a gift for all I do for the Petite Sirah grape and the group. (The members know that a lot of what I do for them is more passion than what’s typical for my job title.)

Their 2011 Vineyard Select Rosé of Petite Sirah is a gorgeous wine. It has floral aromas of violets and lots of crushed cherries. Aromas of Bing cherries and blueberries are on the nose, with the palate having lots of plums and berries lingering on the finish. This Rosé is a perfect choice to serve with your holiday appetizers, because it will please not only your white wine lovers, but it’s got enough depth to also please your red wine friends. Only 290 cases of his wine was made… It’s rare and worth your time to purchase and serve.

Shoe Shine Wine ~ Winemaker Eric Cohen is such a wonder. I’ve watched him since he first decided he wanted to make Petite Sirah, when he attended his first Petite Sirah Symposium, and that was at least nine years ago. Today, he’s making very small lots of wine, and they’re all very excellent.

2008 Shoe Shine Rosé of Petite Sirah: Translucent in a pink-with-depth color… The nose was of strawberries… It tasted like a well crafted Pinot Noir in so many ways… plummy, a bit of spice (from the Petite), and a delicately rich delivery, like the aromas of an old-fashioned rose. The finish lingers… longingly wishing there was more in the bottle, right about now.

Bogle ~Bogle Vineyards is the work horse of Petite Sirah. Being the wine company that makes the most Petite Sirah in the world, it just makes sense that this wine company from Clarksburg is also making a Petite Sirah Rosé, but like the others, this is still a very limited production. Jody Bogle had also given a bottle of their Rosé to me as a “thank you,” getting my thought process going for how fun it would be to taste members Petite Rosés. Found only in the tasting room, this is worth ordering for your holiday meals if you love Petite and want to taste it in it’s rosé form.

Update from Jody Bogle: We ‘e currently out of stock but hope to have the v2012 released by Feb 1. We don’t sell online, but you can call the winery or email us to order…

A very approachable wine, the Bogle Rosé tasted like the juicy summer strawberries that kept my grandchildren running to my summer garden. This wine would be great as an apéritif, creating festive moments with family and friends. I adored this wine. Be prepared for Valentine’s Day!

[This is not a perfect image, but it does show how the label wraps around the bottle, creating the Swell.]

Swell ~ Crafted by Aaron Wines, this one made me realize why Dave Pramuk of Robert Biale Vineyards came to me after the Petite Sirah Symposium, hosted by Concannon Vineyard last July, and told me that I had to secure Aaron Jackson as a guest speaker for the 2013 Petite Sirah Symposium.

Why? Because Aaron is not only a fabulous winemaker, he’s also an ingenious marketer. Fist of all, check out his Website, and prepare to be intrigued. It’s very artistic, while engaging most of your senses. That’s also what his Petite Sirah Rose, called Swell, is going to do. From my days of watching old movies, the word “Swell” was overused at one point in time… If it was “cool” or “dope,” it was “swell.” So, I liked the name immediately. But, you’ve got to check out what this label does… The ocean swell wraps around the bottle. With such a small production (Aaron told me that this one is for his family and friends), I can only image him putting these labels on by hand. Sophisticated machines slap on labels, and I can’t even begin to image what kind of a machine would be putting this one on, much less wrapping it completely around the bottle. So, I’ve had to give you an image for this one. Seeing is believing, and getting to taste it means that you’ve arrived in his inner sanctum.

It’s as delicious as you could possibly imagine. and, you’ll have to contact Arron via Email to have the rare opportunist to get your hands on a bottle. And… you won’t be disappointed, I’m betting. This one almost makes you think you’re not enjoying wine, it goes down so easily…

As each of them did.

If you’ve not enjoyed Rose of Petite Sirah yet, what are you waiting for?

PS I Love You, all holidays included.