One of the greatest joys I’ve experienced in the wine business is the relationships that I’ve been able to build within the wine writing community. Ronn Wiegand, MS and MW, of Restaurant Wines is right up there with the best.

Although he’s moved from Napa to Europe, the bond continues for this bright and talented man. With his moving to another corner of the globe, it’s been great fun to watch his perspectives broaden, as well, from his new life experiences. He returns occasionally to taste US wines, because most wine brands are hard put to be sending wine samples abroad for review. Returning to get his work done, as Ronn just has, continues with his success for everyone in the process.

I know that I’ve been personally able to help sell more wine from his great recommendations, as have many wine brands.

Coming back to taste also means that his life’s work doesn’t skip a beat, and is broader than ever.

Honestly, as a Master Sommelier and Master of Wine, going to Europe to live and learn about those wines makes him a much better palate for us all…

Here are some of his latest editions, for which you’ll see that expansiveness:

Recent Issues

If you’ve submitted wines to him in the past or been in his magazine in the past, you’ll want to update his US shipping address, so he’ll get your wines for this round of tastings.

The window of opportunity for this trip is short… within the next ten days. However, if you can’t get to me for this time of tasting, Ronn’s shared that he’ll also be returning in late February.

Please send an Email ASAP to, and I’ll give you his new shipping address.. Let’s continue with the success we’ve all enjoyed, and make sure when you’re sending those samples they actually reach him…

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