A dream realized…

In the past, I’ve written about the blessing of the harvest by my friend and winery owner of Field Stone Winery, the Reverend John Staten. I’ve attended his blessed celebrations and feel/understand the importance of them. Interestingly, Jose was called upon to deliver a part of John’s program. It was so lovely and it makes for such a great connection. I only mention this in relation to this story, because I’ve felt the spirituality of such an event more than once, and recognize its important significance for those involved.

My new friend Marcus Seiden just forwarded an article written for the Jewish in St. Louis Website, entitled STL Rabbi Blesses Ron & Pam Rubin’s New California Winery… A story that happened almost on my back doorstep, and I got to read it on the Jewish in St. Louis Website… Proving once more what a small, shrinking world we live in. (And, if you haven’t been to St. Louis, you don’t know what you’re missing… The story took me back to my extremely fun Blue Tooth Tour days.)

Imagine studying viticulture and enology at UC Davis, while earning an undergraduate degree in finance, as Ron Rubin did. At the time, it was the most likely of all educational paths, given that his family owned and operated a wine, spirits, and beer wholesale company in Mount Vernon, Illinois. He worked with his family for 22 years, with his degree serving him well. Still, he wasn’t at a winery feeling the terroir in his being, as he dreamed he would one day. Continuing with beverages, Ron also founded New Age Beverages, the master licensee for Clearly Canadian Sparkling Water.

By 1994, Ron took a real career tacking to windward swerve, and bought The Republic of Tea from its original owners. In a story written by Stacy Finz for the San Francisco Chronicle, Stacy asked Ron:

“Your beverage background was in liquor, wine and bottled water. So why tea? How did you see it as the future?”

To which Ron replied, “… when I bought the business, there were a number of emerging health trends. People started thinking about fitness, running and jogging for their health. They started implementing more healthful lifestyle changes, and tea definitely fit in with that.”

And so, for the next 18 years (continuing to present), Ron’s developed that business into what it is today… A very successful tea company with a real holistic approach, with very eye appealing marketing. I can’t count the number of tea canisters I’ve purchased; at first because of the package design, and then – from the first purchase on – for the quality of the teas being offered.

Meanwhile, imagine a winery… his long-held dream… being offered in prime Russian River Valley real estate. Ron Rubin’s dream finally appeared on the horizon.

The name of the winery is River Road Family Vineyards and Winery. It’s located in Green Valley, a sub appellation of Russian River Valley of Sonoma County in California… Ron and Pam Rubin bought it as their very own, only a few short months ago.

From their site:

“Quality has always been the number one priority for River Road Family Vineyards and Winery, and on behalf of our entire family, we will continue that commitment to producing quality wines at an excellent value to our loyal customers.”

– Ron Rubin, Owner, River Road Family Vineyards and Winery

So, now I have new neighbors to get to enjoy. Jose and I recently tasted their wines and were blown away by their stunningly excellent quality, including the value for the price. You’ll see…

Meanwhile… Rabbi Mordecai Miller, who’s recently relocated to Santa Rosa from Brith Sholom Kneseth Israel, happened to be in the neighborhood. Rabbi Miller just delivered Ron’s first blessing for both the winery and the wines, getting Ron and Pam Rubin’s family winery off to a sanctified inauguration.


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