Today, I wasn’t going to have a blog post. I’ve been too busy writing for clients. What a concept… not being able to write, because I’m too busy writing.

My wine PR colleague and friend Tom Wark ( referred a potential client to me;  and as it turned out, “potential” became “new.” It’s not going to be a long gig; just one to help a very exciting new Website get launched into being recognized in cyber space as an amazing resource.

Move over Wiki for your wine info… What this client is offering is long overdue, and he’s been at it since 2007. Imagine being behind the scenes for five years, building an incredible wine related Website. “Patience, tenacity, and attention to detail,” my friends, is all I can say about this new client.

Meanwhile, my buddy Tom has also been recently busy. He’s launched his own “new” Website, and it’s looking great. It was Tom who inspired me to blog. He’s a wine publicist (like me), and he had a blog in 2004. I was somewhat fresh out of an HTML class at Santa Rosa Junior College, where Web 2.0 had been discussed earlier, before its launch. The concept was interesting… Interactive Web, and anyone could be having his or her own Website. Tom, too, had heard about it, and jumped right on it when it became available. When I saw his blog, “Why not?” I thought.  Tom had launched his own site, why couldn’t I?

When he launched, without having someone on hand, like I do with a husband who’s a Webmaster, he was more at the mercy of what the Internet had to offer as an assisted location for having one’s own site… Typepad is what he used.

I asked Jose to build a site for me… like he was doing for our clients… and he did. Tom had launched in 2004, and I launched in 2005. I was quiet at first, like everyone who launched back then. No Facebook or Twitter to give anyone external bragging rights.

What I found interesting was that when Tom noticed I was blogging, he jokingly, pokingly wrote something to the effect of… and I’m paraphrasing as closely as I can… “Jo’s blogging and I hope she doesn’t do it too it too frequently, because she’s a good writer and I’ll have competition.” Good humor man…. The fact that he even mentioned my name really pleased me… The fact that he honored my writing style, pleased me more. Bloggers writing about bloggers, we’re all guilty of talking amongst ourselves, I’ve heard. It’s a support group activity.

Then, I recently had a writer friend tell me that Tom had told him, “Jo Diaz set the bar for us [wine bloggers].” That shocked me… “Really,” I thought?

In my seven years of wine blogging, I’ve had about four or five incarnations of what I’ve got for a “look.” I can’t even remember how many; but, as I’ve said, I’ve got a Webmaster husband who wants to play in my sandbox. He watches how websites keep getting better and better, and he wants me to be current. (I’m so lucky that way.)

Once Tom launched, I went to his new site and new URL… ~ His name right in the URL, that he has become ~ Fermentation Wine Blog… Good for him and good on him.

So, I headed over there this morning, and what did I find… a cadre of women that he’s helping once more. Women For Wine Sense, a group that I belonged to before I got so busy that I can’t even make meetings. TITLE: Among a Sea of Great Women. He writes, “”Thursday, September 20th at the Napa Valley Museum in Yountville, Women for Wine Sense will hold their Annual Women In Wine Panel–5:30pm to 8:30pm. The topic of the panel is ‘Many Career Paths into the Wine Business’”.

Well, this morning I’m celebrating Tom. He’s brought me inspiration, opportunity, and a friendship that I treasure more than ever.

And, his new blog gave me further inspiration, when I read on his site…

Posted In: Wine Business ~ “Hey,” I thought, “what a great idea!” How many times have I also been Posted there, like almost every day. Cross branding. He’s a genius.