David Coffaro, owner and winemaker for David Coffaro Wines, discusses with Jose Diaz his 100 year old field blend vineyard, his wines, his diary, and his weather station.

At least six or seven varieties have been identified by UC Davis, but there are many more vines not yet identified. He discusses how each vine looks, how he identifies each variety, and the challenges that exist for how to pick this block (Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Syrah, Peloursin, Valdiguié, among others). I spotted a white variety in his field blend and tasted it. It was a Muscat vine, which is very easy to identify as a variety because of its very distinctive flavor.

He also talks about the viruses that exist in those vines.

David has come to look at a bunch of grapes and know when it’s ready to be picked, based on all of his years of growing grapes and winemaking. David bought his vineyard and began making amateur wine in 1979 and sold grapes. The 15 varieties are planted all over his vineyard property; he has old favorites and is now planting new varieties as experimental flavors for new blends. David’s best known for his cult blends, so the addition of new varieties will expand what he’s offering his wine club members. Long known as “the” waiting list to get onto, having these new offerings opens up his world to even more fans. (Hint!)

Learn about Zinfandel and Petite Sirah, most especially; however, David reveals a lot more than what’s going on in his Dry Creek Valley vineyard, and creates a very interesting conversation between Jose and David.

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