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VIDEO WINEMAKER SERIES: The 21 Flavors of David Coffaro Wines in Dry Creek Valley

David Coffaro and I had recently met when I asked him to be a presenter at the 10th Annual Petite Sirah Symposium, hosted by Concannon Vineyard. I found that I really like David. He’s honest, down to earth, and a man of great passion. I asked if we could come to his winery to film his activities for this wine blog, and a date was set for late August.

Jose Diaz and I had an early morning meeting with David, before we left for Washington State. When we arrived at the winery on that foggy, late August morning, David was pacing, like an expectant father. This was the day that was he was going to be starting his 2012 harvest. It was beginning with Pinot Noir for a sparkling wine. He was nervously waiting for his grapes to arrive, so he extemporaneously decided to take us into his vineyard, where the real action was already underway. He introduced us to Catarino Flores (above), his vineyard manager, and went back to check all else for readiness. This allowed us to begin his story through videos, as told through Catarino’s own words.

Jose and Catarino just broke into a Spanish conversation, and I realized the golden moment. At first, it was almost a lark, then I realized… this was too cool. How many people within the Spanish community would be able to listen to a quick video about a vineyard, something that was perhaps a rarity for a California Vineyard? So, I asked Jose to save it from the camera, once it was recorded, and make sure to give it to me. I’m posting both the English and Spanish versions, for obvious (stated) reasons.

What really caught Jose and me off guard, but delighted both of us, was when Jose asked Catarino, “How many varieties are you growing here?”

Caterino answered in a way that neither Jose nor I had ever considered… His answer reflects what perhaps many vineyard managers of Hispanic descent think, without a lot of Anglo interventions of, “No, think this way.”  He answered the questions, talking about his “flavors.”

If you’re like me and think of wine as a liquid food, like Jose and I both do, and you think about what flavor each variety brings to a food for wine pairing, this is a logical answer. It was simply devoid of “PR vineyard speak.” This is what makes it all so really charming… Still, there’s Catarino Flores himself. He’s just so comfortable with Jose that they had a great time talking viticulture, sharing a similar passion.

Enjoy both versions, because you’ll also see a side of Jose not yet available via the internet… The Mr. Wonderful that I know so well, who naturally broke into his Puerto Rican roots. (I know his mother will love it, as I do.)

This is the very charming video with David Coffaro’s vineyard manager, Catarino Flores in Spanish.

And, this is another very charming video with Catarino Flores and Jose in English.

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4 Responses to “VIDEO WINEMAKER SERIES: The 21 Flavors of David Coffaro Wines in Dry Creek Valley”

  1. Sondra says:

    wonderful to see both versions. Of course, I didn’t understand the Spanish, but great fun. good work you two.

  2. Jo Diaz says:

    That’s why I put it up there, Sondra. I think it’s so fun… and, if anyone who’s Spanish is interested, it’s great insight for that person, too.

    Thanks for the kudos.

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