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John Viszlay of Viszlay Vineyards talks with Jose Diaz (Diaz Communications), in this video series of winemakers and grape growers, discussing Viszlay Vineyards’ viticultural and winemaking practices.

Viszlay is located in Russian River Valley, just south of the town of Healdsburg, at the confluence of Russian River, Alexander, and Dry Creek valleys. Having a professional wine grape growing company managing his 12 different varieties, John and his son are focused on making their wines. Wines that Viszlay offers are a Sparkling Prosecco, Chardonnay, Merlot, Petite Sirah, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, and a Bordeaux blend.

John and Jose discuss Pinot Noir, their Bordeaux blend, and Petite Sirah in this video.

You’ll hear what John’s learned over the past two years, as he’s made some very good wine… by the way. Wine Enthusiast’s Steve Heimoff had just given his 2010 Viszlay Pinot Noir a score of 91 points, he was happy to share. While John may be relatively new at what he’s doing with wine, he’s not new at the art of perfection.

I also greatly respect Steve Heimoff’s palate, most especially as it relates to Pinot Noir. He’s written an excellent, must read book on Russian River Valley, called “A Journey along the Russian River.”

John and Jose talked and tasted his Pinot Noir, a Bordeaux blend, and a Petite Sirah ~ as well as his very unique, and destined for success, marketing concepts. I have to share that when John and Jose were tasting and talking about his Pinot Noir, my mouth actually started to water… I was wishing I could come out from behind the camera and just taste what they were talking about. (That’s never happened before.) As Jose swirled his Bordeaux-blend, the aromatics intoxicatingly and powerfully filled the air. By the time they got to the Petite, and Jose was talking about its softness, I was a goner.

From his Website, their credo:

From fermentation to bottling, we approach winemaking in an artisan way, focusing on creating a great experience in each glass. The wine is handled gently, and by using primarily neutral Oak, we let the fruit be the star of the show. We pick the fruit when it’s at the peak of flavor, and we strive to keep a balance between the sugars and ripeness, so the wine doesn’t get lost or overshadowed by high alcohol. In our inaugural year of 2010, we produced approximately 2,000 cases from the 10 varietals grown in our vineyard.  Our goal is to produce something memorable, whether it’s a simple evening watching a sunset or a special diner; we want to be proud our name is on the bottle.

 I hope you’ll enjoy this one, because it’s very enlightening, from my perspective.

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