Move over Gucci, you’ve got competition coming from the land of wine… Volére Wine Fashion Couture. Definitely aimed at the female audience, although I can see a drag queen or two wanting to tote this one.

This pocket book wine container is all that…

Volére Couture Wines are an original collection of premium, artisan wines wrapped in an innovative, eco-friendly, package.  The wines currently include Merlot/Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, and Rosé. Each of these is contained within a package that resembles a colorful purse with a small carrying strap. The boxed wine is a 1.5 liter container; or two bottles of wine, if you’re not familiar with how much wine volume is in a usual, single bottle.

I remember seeing Ben Carter’s Facebook page and chuckled, as I saw the pink shaped wine box, cleverly disguised as a purse and read:

This sample showed up today… No, I’m not reviewing handbags, this is a 1.5L boxed wine from Italy. Somewhere, a soccer mom is not paying attention to the game.

From, Most Ridiculous Wine Packaging: Volere Wine Purse, Maggie Hoffman:

Wine in a what? Yeah. Wine in a purse. Each $15 Volere cardboard purse (with a bag-in-box setup inside) holds about 2 bottles of wine (rosé, Merlot/Pinot noir, and Pinot Grigio.) Maybe they’d be cute for bachelorette parties, but we can’t imagine you could really sneak into a movie with one of these, unless you usually carry a cardboard purse around. The wines inside are produced by Cantina Di Soave in Italy.

Guess what, Maggie, nobody would check you out to see if was cardboard or not; and now, I have a great idea for my next movie experience… Popcorn and Pinot Grigio. That is just so funny, and I think I’m going to try it out. Or… anywhere I want to go and disguise that I might have wine. Woulda been great on airlines long ago, when I was disguising wine, versus ordering any of theirs. (Yes, I can be snobby about my wine preferences)

Consider the source… Cantina di Soave, which is one of Italy’s most respected and progressive wine producers.

  • 2010 Re Midas Soave (from Cantina di Soave) ~ Italy ~ Always on my hit parade, the Re Midas Soave is consistently great wine, written on September 14, 2011.
  • From Cantina di Soave (founded in 1898) comes more Duca del Frassino wines. They’re retailing for $19.99, and are available nationwide, written on June 1, 2011.
  • My latest learnings comes from the two wines listed below, written on March 23, 2011.
    • 2009 Soave Re Midas, Cantina di Soave 1898
    • 2009 Castello Soave Classico DOC

I think it’s safe to say that not only have I enjoyed a good amount of their tasty wines, but I can also say that each package has been innovative.

This wine, which would be $7.50 a bottle inf packaged in 750ml bottles, is a very inexpensive wine. So, it’s also safe to say that you can’t and shouldn’t expect this wine to be handcrafted, opulent in every way for flavors, etc. It’s just an everyday wine in a pretty package, that you can easily enjoy with your pizza.

Consider the thousands upon thousands of wines being offered from around the world. Someone in  Cantina di Soave‘s marketing department is not letting their offerings skip a beat for innovation. Love it or hate it, it will get your attention; which is half the battle… getting someone’s attention.

Having this little package in your refrigerator for the next five to six weeks, and just taking what you want when you want it is a major advantage, especially if you’re single seeing double, or double feeling single. Jose and I both have a glass of wine a day. Sometimes, we don’t even enjoy the same wine. One of us may feel like white, while the other feels like red. One of us may feel like a Pinot, while the other feels like a Petite. It’s easy for wine to become oxidized around here. This wine won’t get there. And, yes, I’ve experimented with boxed wines to see how long they will last. They DO last for five to six weeks.

I see this boxed wine as a great gift during the holidays, for a wine loving friend with a great sense of humor and style. Really good wine in a cute container will leave an impression, you can be sure of that. For $15.00, it’s a value…

Gucci bag seen in this blog post? It’s $585.00 retail…


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