Air cork is a fun wine preserver. I’m more of a “stick the wine in the refrigerator” kinda gal, not opting for using nitrogen gas to displace the air, when I put my wine away. This also included red wine. Putting left-over wine into a cool situation is going to extend the drinkability of any wine. With the wines, just let them sit outside of your fridge for a few minutes before serving, and they’ll still taste fine. It won’t be first day fresh, but it also won’t be gone within only a day or two of having been opened.

Nitrogen gas is the most common way of displacing the air in a bottle. Air is one of the three things that will break down wine’s freshness ~ heat, light, and oxygen being the three.

Air cork is doing what nitrogen has been doing… displacing the air. Instead of using a chemical, Air Cork provides a tight seal within the bottle in a very classy way. You simply insert the small balloon end into the bottle, and proceed to inflate it firmly to the bottle’s sides. As it’s inflating, it pushes the remaining air out of the bottle, and this allowed the wine’s richness to be preserved for a longer enjoyment of the wine.

I adore this little wine innovation. It takes the oxygen – and worry – out of the bottle’s freshness of the wine for the next day.

It can be found nation-wide, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding it. Check out their website at, however, if you just want to buy it and get on with your life.

Jose wanted to create a video to show you how easy this new wine gadget is, so enjoy!

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