Welcome to Jose’s event planner’s nightmare…


A Bachelorette party was just held in a ballroom that we’ve had reserved for the Petite Sirah Symposium. It’s now first thing in the morning, and we’ve arrived to set up. The party girls are leaving with everything all askew.

We have to get in there and prepare for the 10th Tenth Annual Petite Sirah Symposium. To make matters worse, the hotel staff has put up the wrong signs for our event… something having to do with temperance, and they’re all over the hotel. Now, we’ve got to make new signs and get those others down, besides setting up for our event.

He told me about his dream this morning, and we laughed… But, I know where he’s coming from.

When anything changes that has had consistency, things can easily go bump in the night ~ dreams included.

Thankfully, the symposium has a great sponsor in Concannon Vineyard, and we don’t have to take it to a hotel room.


If you’re headed to the 10th Annual Petite Sirah Symposium, you DO need to know that this year’s sessions part of the symposium has a temporarily changed venue… (Next year we’re planning to be back at the winery for the sessions, too.)

Concannon is going through another growth spurt, and they’re building an office space for new employees, so….

The room that we usually use for the Symposium is temporarily occupied

Both the Media Luncheon and Media Tasting are still going to be held at Concannon Vineyard.

  • Media Luncheon under the grape arbor, per usual
  • Media Tasting will be in their barrel room, per usual

SESSIONS: Martinelli Event Center
3585 Greenville Road, Livermore

The sessions will be held at the Martinelli Center, and that’s critical for everyone to know. Someone is going to get lost, I’m betting on it; but, I’d love to be proven wrong. That’s the reason for this PSA (Public Service Announcement).

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