Grilling Gone Wild: Zesty Recipes for Meats, Mains, Marinades and More [Paperback] is a hot new book for this summer’s sizzling grilling season, by Peg Couch, Editors of Fox Chapel Publishing in Books.

Jose and I got an early copy and I said, “You grill, I’ll write.” I struck an instant deal.

Together we also shared different wines to go with our dishes.

The first recipe began with All-Purpose Pork Rub (p. 73); except Jose experimented, and used the rub on chicken leg-thigh pieces, instead. We paired it with a newly arrived 2010 Iron Horse Corral Vineyard Chardonnay.

WINE: 2010 Corral Vineyard Chardonnay ~ This Chardonnay from Iron Horse is complex in its structure. About last year’s vintage I wrote, “Complex ecstasy on the nose.” This year I thought how this wine’s consistent with the swirl and sniff of last year’s vintage. There’s also a delicious toastiness with the wine, which worked well with the grilling aspects. [On it’s own, sans food, make way for Meyer’s dryly-sweet lemon flavor on your palate and pink grapefruit. I had lingering memories of my first lemonade stand in Stoneham, Massachusetts.

FOOD: Jose’s Tasty Grilled Chicken with the All-Purpose Pork Rub ~ The rub calls for paprika, salt, sugar, brown sugar, cumin, chili powder, red and black pepper… tons of spice to put on the outside of the chicken. [If we’re not crazy hungry, he’ll let it marinate with the rub spices for a while.] This coating produced amazing spices for the chicken, creating a perfect landing place for a Chardonnay that had chill appeal. The sweetness in the sugar sauce was perfectly balanced with the Meyer’s dryly-sweet lemon flavors. Heat with spice and cool cream equaled comfort food.

PAIRING: Perfectly delicious

NEXT ~ Pork Tenderloin (p. 69) with Firecracker Marinade (p.70) and the Monte OTON Garnacha from Spain (Bodegas Borsao, S.A., Borja

WINE: A Spanish wine is always a great value, and this one certainly was. Our Garnacha had an intriguing nose of cherry brandy and lightly toasted almonds. Flavors of ripe black cherries and a foamy cappuccino would meet the spices of the recipes head on.

FOOD: Pork Tenderloin and the Firecracker Marinade Pork: Pork, the chameleon protein, came to save the day. I love pork, because it becomes delicious with the clever use of sauces, marinades, and rubs. For this one, Jose chose the Firecracker Marinade rub. (Wise choice…) It begins with BBQ sauce (so the choices/flavors are now endless), brown sugar (turbinado with molasses, mixed our own), olive oil, white wine vinegar, soy sauce, red pepper, and garlic. The marinade was fabulous, creating a pork dish that still makes me drool.

The wine and food was a perfect marriage of sweet, spicy flavors from the wine with cherry/berry flavors of a luscious Garnacha.

PAIRING: Anything but chameleon, with lots of nuance

LAST ONE ~ Rich Beef Rub (p. 54) with The Seeker 2010 Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina

WINE: This Malbec from the high foothills of the Andes Mountains has a nose of inviting, smoky red fruit; and flavors of sweet, drippingly ripe, crushed black cherries. There’s no residual sugar with this wine; however, the developed fruit compensates. Love the slightly lingering finish… so smooth. … all this called for something with full flavors, and all I could think was, “Bring on the beef.”

FOOD: Jose’s flavorful beef recipe was made using Rich Beef Rub (p. 54). The spices for this rub are salt, paprika, coarse black pepper, onion powder, cayenne pepper, coriander, and turmeric. When he began, Jose said this one’s like a brine, which became our first lesson in a brine. Not knowing where to begin, we started by using the exact amount of salt the recipe called for; he consulted me before beginning. [We’ll be cutting back on the salt next time… personal preference.] Otherwise this was a huge hit. The beef was melt in your mouth delectable, and the rub added so much to the final arrangement.

PAIRING: Extra mouth-watering

Jose and I love this book. With Father’s Day coming up and three sons-in-law, imagine my gift of Grilling gone Wild for them..

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