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Nominations Open for 2012 Wine Blog Awards May 18 ~ Why you should care

The form and submission process will close and the judges will begin choosing the finalists in early June 2012, so please make you suggestions today (Link), if you have a favorite blogger.

Why I believe these awards are important…

For the last five years, I’ve been writing my brains out in my wine journal (this blog).

As adults, most of us aren’t taking classes that challenge us to perform. We’re too busy just doing what has to be done; although enrichment classes are for if and when we’re wanting to advance.  With classes, we’re relatively quickly given feedback on what we’re doing. While blogging, the internet does allow for comments, but they’re not objective. They’re very subjective. People who comment on my blog, for instance, are people who enjoy my writing. I know that because they share that with me. Occasionally, I’ll have someone say something pretty snarky to me; but still, that’s still in the subjective love-hate world.

Any industry, including the writing world, has awards that are given out for excellence; and, that’s what these wine blogger awards are intended to do. Criteria is set, nominations are opened and then closed, evaluations happen, and the results becomes history.

I write for myself, while I’m in the wine industry

While that might (probably does) sound self serving, that’s because it is in many respects. I have tons of stories inside of me, because of my wine experiences for the past almost 20 years. While I’ve already been nominated for “Best Industry Wine Blog,” for this year, I know that I’ll never receive that award. Why? Because there are others better qualified for the criteria:

Should have a substantial portion of the blog devoted to exploring the business of wine and the wine industry.

Should offer insightful analysis and reporting on the business of wine.

Should have used a substantial portion of posts to deliver independent and original analysis of the financial, marketing, administrative, marketing, political and technological aspects of the wine industry.

Still, I’m honored that I’ve been nominated, and that’s the greatest reward.

If you have someone that you enjoy reading, this would be the time to let that person know that he or she has someone who appreciates her or his efforts.

The categories:

  • Best Blog Post of the Year
  • Best Original Photography or Video on a Wine Blog
  • Best Industry/Business Wine Blog
  • Best Wine Reviews on a Wine Blog
  • Best Single Subject Wine Blog
  • Best Winery Blog
  • Best Writing On a Wine Blog
  • Best New Wine Blog
  • Best Overall Wine Blog

After the nomination process, judges pick five blogs per category, then the public is presented with the “Finalists,” and we get to vote.  Judges also vote on the finalists at this point (because the finalist list may not be the same list or order that they had for their submission).

The Bottom Line…

Not everyone can win an award, but those who have been nominated, and those who are chosen as finalists have something to offer as writers, and in my book they’re all winners… And you, the public, have contributed to their success.

Win-win in my world. Or as I sometimes like to think about it, depending on the time of day and circumstance… Wine-wine.






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6 Responses to “Nominations Open for 2012 Wine Blog Awards May 18 ~ Why you should care”

  1. Alana Gentry says:

    Thanks for such a clear and concise definition of the awards’ and their purpose. It erases all of the emotional angst that I believe happens in every industry. When I was a consultant for non-profit organizations, including many associations and government agencies, I witnessed the same disillusionment, confusion, suspicion, and unfortunate inner-circle decision-making that comes with all industry award giving. People felt left out and if they didn’t belong to a “clique” their work wouldn’t be looked at properly. They also felt that some winners had already been decided because the awards committee members were much more familiar with the hard work of inner-circle folks and wanted to acknowledge them. In my opinion, as an inner circle person within other industry awards, the criticism is usually true. This year, the WBC awards has another opportunity to prove that the well-earned past criticism is no longer deserved. Let’s hope the committee is up to the task.

  2. Jo Diaz says:

    I did judge once, Alana, and it’s a grueling task. I tried to be fair… and, in the end, it was just my subjective view. Hopefully, they’ve got some “new blood” in the process, because that will take it away from all of the inner-circle decision-making.

  3. This is really great info! Thanks so much for taking the time to break it all down for us and why we should care:)

  4. I didn’t see the link for submissions. Its :

  5. Jo Diaz says:

    Thanks, William. I added it to the body of the story, too.

  6. Jo Diaz says:

    Thanks, Monique.

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